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The ConFusion Programming Schedule is up, and I am in a daunting position. I can deal with 6:00 p.m. Saturday, that's fine. But whose bright idea was it that I go right after the Heather Dale Band (Heather, Ben Deschamps, probably S. J. Tucker, and who knows who else will show up)!? I'm doomed.

Or else we'll all have a great time. One of the two.

Oh, and [profile] markbernstein is the Fan GOH! He gets inducted into that worthy office at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, then has his own concert at 3:00. And there's [profile] howardtayler and other artists doing stuff, and lots of Maker panels, and Anime all weekend (if you're up at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, they're running an ep of the marvelous Code Geass
), and more writer panels than you can shake a Selectric at, and gaming, and costuming, and and and.

If, for whatever reason, you have never been to ConFusion, this is a really great year to start.

So, who's planning to be there?
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I love StumbleUpon.

Any cool pages you've Stumbled Upon lately? I love this picture of Einstein as the Jesus figure at a super-science Last Supper, the In B Flat 2.0 project, and One Sentence.
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io9 has an incredible selection of nerd/geek gifts.

What would you recommend for the nerd who has everything?
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At its new, easier-to-find hotel. If you haven't been there before, very book-centric (although they have a goodly portion of the other stuff, and a special deal with the anime-centric MatsuriCon only a mile away). James P. Hogan, James Sizemore, Christopher Golden, Catherine Asaro, and about three dozen other writers and editors. Music GOH is Michael "Moonwolf" Longcor, and Juanita Coulson will be there with all of her hats -- writer, editor, musician. My concert is tonight, Friday, at 9:00 p.m.

So. Who's going? Or, if you're not going, how's your weekend shaping up?

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