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Our friend Louis Adkins is trying to escape WV for the relatively tame wilds of Washington state. Won't you help?
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Lots of great information on FB today, and I want more from my friends on LJ. Here's a little poll about my potential crowdfunding project.

Or projects.
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This is probably a really good time to ask you all about a possible crowdfunding project.

First off, understand that this would be for three purposes: reprinting some CDs that I've run out of or nearly out of (e.g., The Last Hero On Earth and Homecoming: MarCon 2005); getting some spiffy new printings of some of the ones I've been burning myself, complete with actual covers 'n' stuff; and paying for some personal stuff that I need -- dental work, auto repair (or even replacement), that sort of thing. (That precludes Kickstarter, by the way, which doesn't allow fundraising for personal causes. The likeliest site would be Indiegogo or GoFundMe, but I have a few to check out.)

I need to be right up front about that. Neither I nor the economy is what it was six years ago; I'm no longer able to just squeak out a living at filk, not like I did. SocSecDis just about pays my regular bills; my food and any extras are covered by online sales and conventions. I'm not suffering, but I'm sure not flush -- it's the old every-time-I-get-money-in-it-goes-out game, with a side of one-bit-hit-could-leave-me-in-deep-trouble.

My original thought was to basically write at least one album's worth of songs in January and February, say, a dozen, with an initial goal of $5,000. That would cover the reprints of the two albums I'm thinking, the production of the new album itself, the dental work, and a new set of tires for Cashmere (the "new" van, the goldish one -- it definitely earned a name on the trip out west. Ran like a dream).

Stretch goals would include another song every $1,000 or so. Add-ons would include downloads of other albums, house concerts (where I come to you), maybe a personalized song (assuming I don't have any others in the fire), stuff like that. And the resulting cash would give me a buffer.

Leslie even suggested I run an online game for a few people. I have to think about that, but OOOOOOH it sounds great.

Lexi wants me to come out with a song book. I've been puttering at that for ten years; maybe this is the time to spend a month finishing the damn thing.

So. Thoughts? Are those levels reasonable, at least as talking points while I think through the details? Am I being a jerk about this, getting you guys to fund my dental work?
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Our dear friend [personal profile] fabricdragon has an ongoing fundraiser to cover her costs for rescuing and repairing distressed musical instruments. Check it out, won't you?
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One more time. They're down to 17 hours, with just over $500 to go. C'mon, it's our dear friends, Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe! You know you want to help.
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Our dear friends Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, otherwise known as Cheshire Moon, are in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their new album. Unfortunately, they're only halfway to their goal, with ten days to go. Won't you check it out and help if you can? Thanks.
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Our FuMP buds, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, are still about a thousand bucks shy of funding their new album. Won't you help?
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Our dear friends Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, known collectively as Cheshire Moon, have another crowdfunded album project. Crowes and Consequences should be every bit as spiff as Ways of Wind and Water, but they need some help over the next 33 days to get there. Check it out, won't you?
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My old buddy Gary Wood (the guy who created Saving Star Wars) is running a Kickstarter for a new film. My Kid Brother's Band is based on interviews with George Harrison's sister Louise, currently living in Benton, IL.

This KS is just starting out, and they could use some help. Won't you give it a look? Thanks.
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  • TUG, a really fascinating RPG experiment. Seriously, watch the six-minute video on this one and see what you think.
  • Lawless Jerky, small-batch hand-crafted beef jerky with some great-sounding flavors. I'm going for the Hawaiian Teriyaki. Or the American BBQ. Or maybe the Bacon, Salt & Pepper. Only a few hours left on this one.
  • Adventure Maximus, an RPG that both kids and adults can play... and run!
  • Gigabot 3D Printing, wherein you can get your own 3D printer for something near reasonable cost. Another one ending soon.
  • Creating a RepRap 3D printer, so a guy with no prior experience in 3D printing can prove it's not that big or expensive a deal to make your own (and then he'll print you something with it). Ending in just two days.
Any other crowdfunding we should know about?
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All in all, definitely a Week In Geek. And this weekend especially.

I'm going to get a few comics, come home and clean a bit, and then work on music. All while enjoying a gorgeous Southeast Michigan spring day. You?

* I accept that this has become popular, and I really don't mind going with it, but I'm old school: In my heart of hearts, Star Wars Day will always be May 25.
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Forty-two hours to go. Holy crap, we just might make it.

ETA: Holy frijoles. Somethin' just happened -- in the past hour, they've gone up over $10,000, to a current total of $95,938. I think we're gonna do it!
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Any other crowdfunding we need to know about?
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You may remember a couple of months ago when I linked to this superb animated short:

Well, the guys behind it are doing a Kickstarter, to turn it into an animated adventure series called Tales of Alethrion. They've got three days left, and they're within $20K. If you like The Reward, and if you can, won't you help?
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Can't help it. It's by a guy in town, and it looks amazingly simple and fun, and if you don't want to pay for the full production game we could still push him way over the top just on getting the $4 print-and-play. Won't you help?

Any Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe projects that we should know about?
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Woulda hyped this sooner, if I'd seen it. [personal profile] madfilkentist is trying to fund a book called Files That Last, evangelizing and explaining digital preservation to a wide range of computer users. Thing is, it's only got about 8 hours left. If you like the idea, won't you help?
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If all you gaming geeks and art collectors want a bad-ass hardcover collection of the art of Larry Elmore, you have less than three hours to kick in. Stretch goals have already expanded the package quite a lot (the basic $49 Fan Package now includes the 336-page hardcover book [up from the original 256], a 64-page softcover sketchbook, six 8x10" prints of Larry's D&D and Dragonlance box covers, and a ticket for a motorcycle ride with him down in Kentucky), so it's a hell of a deal.
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No, it has nothing to do with Captain Jack Sparrow. It's an indiegogo crowdfunding project creating cups, straws, and glasses that change color if they come in contact with a date-rape drug. They've got about 64 hours and a fair chunk of change to go, so won't you help?

(h/t [personal profile] cluegirl)
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James Anderson, one of our regulars her (under the user name [personal profile] jasperjones22 is a science grad student with a very common problem: lack of funding. Specifically, travel expenses to get to a conference.

So, for at least the first one, he's set up a fundraiser at indiegogo.

Rewards are a certain amount of his brainpower, depending on how much you donate. Ten bucks, one science question answered. $500, you've got your own Hermione Granger. Except, you know, male. And hairier.

He doesn't need a lot. If, over the next 38 days, you can spare something, won't you help?

What other good crowdfunding/Kickstarter/indiegogo projects should we know about? These things change constantly.
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My buddy John Hudgens has a little project you can help with -- Barnyard Blockbusters, his excellent documentary on fan films -- and all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks:
I'm making one last push to try and get last minute votes and likes for my new documentary "Backyard Blockbusters" in the Arclight Documentary Film Festival's online selection process - if you've already voted and/or liked the trailer, you have my thanks - if not, please take a moment and help me out, as the voting period ends tomorrow, October 14 - this is too good of a screening opportunity to miss, and I'm currently getting beaten in the results....

If you haven't seen the trailer to the film, please watch and "like" it at this YouTube link: - it's the same trailer I released earlier this year, just hosted on the Arclight's YouTube channel for this purpose. Then this is the important link - go to where you need to check a box to vote for "Backyard Blockbusters" in the "Entertainment Documentaries" section. They will be counting both the amount of views each video gets on their YouTube page, as well as the amount of votes the films receive on Facebook.

The top five trailers with the most votes in each category will be entered into the festival and will be shown at ArcLight Hollywood, November 5-8, 2012 - each night will feature two or three of the 20 films that were chosen by viewers on YouTube and Facebook. The ArcLight will also host a special gala on November 10 to announce the winning documentary and present its producer with $10,000. Obviously, I'd like a shot at that!

Please share this link and the request for likes/votes with your friends, and help me get the film into this festival! Thanks!
[Emphasis mine. Watch, then vote!]

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