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More shitty weather coming soon, from Texas sweeping up into Virginia. Looks like more bitter cold and especially more snow. Stay alert, stay safe.


Jan. 3rd, 2014 02:21 pm
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So, Happy Deep Freeze -- erm, New Year.

Much of the country is under a thick layer of snow and a worse layer of sub-zero wind chills. Here in Ann Arbor and environs, it got down to minus Too Effing Cold last night, with a wind chill of Jayzus God Put The Dog On My Feet. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach a balmy 29° F, and then in the evening we have a Winter Storm Watch predicting up to 12" of new white stuff, followed by yet another bitter cold snap. (The forecast high on tuesday is -2° F.)

Please bundle up, don't go out unless you have to, stay alert, stay safe, and check in.

How are you getting through this? (It's perfectly all right to get through it by being someplace warm. We promise not to hate you. Much.)


Sep. 16th, 2013 05:38 pm
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Thirteen dead in Washington, DC Navy Yard shooting.

Some of the dead were the much-vaunted good guys with guns: the security guards.

Maybe now we can have a discussion about reasonable gun control...?

Nah. Didn't think so.

I warn you, though: I am in no mood for bullshit. Mourn the dead, and otherwise shut up. We'll talk guns later this week.

Not today.

Thirteen dead.
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Just... just look at this. Besides the context, the damn costume doesn't look jack shit like Superman's.
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For those who've been wondering when, or if, Dragon*Con would ever separate itself from its controversial co-founder, Ed Kramer... done and done.

Now Kramer can go to, bluntly, whatever merciful oblivion may have him, and the rest of us can get on with the damn con.
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From Chicago, across the Ohio Valley, all the way to D.C. Weatherdude from dKos says that many local weatherpeople are dropping the ball on explaining "derecho" to viewers, so the link above details not only the weather risk tomorrow, but what a derecho is and why you should worry about it.

Hunker down, stay alert, stay safe, check in.
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It's looking like eastern Oklahoma, southwest Missouri, and northwest Arkansas will be taking the brunt today. But the system stretches from Mexico up into Canada, and it'll likely get a boost when it reaches the Gulf, so watch out for "regular" storms as well.

As usual, weatherdude from dKos has the 411.

Stay alert, stay safe, check in after it's past.
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Breaking news this morning: Five dead in Illinois shooting.


Enough with the goddamn guns.

Enough enough enough.

I haven't even had my fucking Egg McMuffin yet, and a half-dozen people have been shot.

Y'know what, gun-rights-├╝ber-alles folks? You're correct. Guns don't kill people. PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE. A lot more easily than they do with pretty much any other method short of WMD.

When I can't get through my freakin' morning web pages without a bunch of people being shot, that's fuckin' it.
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Long, narrow band of intense storms along a front slicing diagonally from Missouri toward Canada. Under the gun: Indiana, southern Michigan, surrounding areas (esp. the Ohio Valley). Weatherdude at dKos has the 411. Stay alert, stay safe, check in when you can. I'm likely to bail out of here myself in an hour or three.

Worst Week Evar.

ETA: I'm fine so far. The storms were loud but brief. On the other hand, all I saw this afternoon was the southern edge of the front. There's still a whole lot of wet coming up from Indiana, and while it may not be severe weather it certainly is soggy.
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I am greatly looking forward to WindyCon next weekend in Lombard, IL. Seanan, Amy, Evil Stevie. Saturday concert, Saturday night at the masquerade, possibly a staff/guests concert right about now next Thursday.

But mostly, I am greatly looking forward to WindyCon because our long national nightmare election will be over.

I think, for all of our sanity, I am not going to post anything political on DW/LJ until Wednesday morning. Maybe not till after Thanksgiving. There will likely be some things on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, but... let's make this a no-politics zone until at least after Tuesday, mmkay?

So, let's start off with a themed post: Link up to a favorite Whose Line Is It Anyway? clip.

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My only consolation over the extreme heat we've had the past few weeks (and are going to have for at least next week, frickin' wahoo) is that all the Faux Noise fans who said that "global warming" was obviously a myth because it actually still snows in the winter aren't saying jack right now.

I'm a little worried about my own situation, actually -- my A/C is too efficient. I've got it set to about 73° in the house, but it keeps running and chills the place down to the low 60s. I've just got this vibe that something expensive is about to go. Or maybe I simply need a new thermostat. Meantime, I'll run it for a few hours, then shut it off, then run it again. Seems to be balancing nicely when I do that.

Here are some ways to beat the heat. Please take care of yourselves, your kids, your pets, your older friends and relatives, and let's all frickin' stay healthy. This too shall pass... but maybe not for another week or two.

How are you beating the heat?
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Okay, not actually redux -- the same damn heat wave from last week and the week before continues unabated. S.E. Michigan has an Excessive Heat Watch until this Friday at midnight.

I've never even heard of an Excessive Heat Watch.

Wherever you are, stay cool, stay hydrated, stay alive. No fucking around on this one -- people can and do die from this. And I know a bunch of you are without power. Some of you are at friends' houses, some at hotels, some in your vehicles. Just... stay safe, okay? And if someone can help you, let us know here, and we'll try.
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Wonderful. Big Nor'easter coming.

It is April 22. We no longer need nor want a goddamn ice storm.

weatherdude at Daily Kos hasn't posted about it yet, but I anticipate that he will. Be watchful, and be safe.


Apr. 16th, 2012 10:30 am
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My main hard drive crashed this morning. While booting up, everything just froze, and then Blue Screen'd, and the system no longer recognized it as a hard drive.

I have installed an older, smaller SATA drive that will get me through. But I have a FuMP song due tonight, and other things I'm trying to get done dammit, and THIS IS JUST ANNOYING.

So how's your day...?


Nothing has worked well today. About the only thing that is working is I got the dang SATA drive taken care of and installed. My plan is to add another as soon as possible, unless I just replace it and keep this as an instant back-up.

Many, many other small problems today. The FuMP song has been put off till Friday.

Hugs to all of you. Dammit.
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As Steve Benen says, there are a fair number of caveats. And a whole lot of regrets.

Many, many people have died or been maimed or been displaced because of this stupid, tragic mistake that the neocons shoved down the world's throat (and I won't be satisfied until Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Wolfowitz, Kristol, etc., etc., etc., are in chains before the Hague). The country of Iraq is still broken, its people still scattered, its cities still dangerous, its prospects still uncertain.


We have finally, officially removed our military presence from Iraq. It isn't everything it could have been, certainly not every thing it should have been, but it's something.

Here's a salute to all the men and women of our Armed Forces who made this possible, with special thanks for all the various state National Guard troops who got sucked into this fiasco. Here's hoping that the jingoistic faux patriotism of the Right Wing gets run over by people who actually give a shit about our troops, and all of you get the education, training, health care, and other benefits you were promised when you signed on.

For now, at least, this conflict is over.

May we end all of them soon.
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Flexeril helped me sleep the night through. I'm a little sore this morning, about where I was during Windy (which is quite manageable), except that a wrong move sends a nice jolt of pain through my hip.

This is pissing me off. I must run some errands today, and I'd like to successfully get in and out of the van, in and out of the store, etc. That's all.

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My damn hip just went off like a grenade.

I'm going to bed.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 07:58 pm
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Yeesh. I warn you guys about a hurricane, and you have an earthquake. What, were you all running for the doors at once? Sound off so we know you're good.

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