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AVAST, ye scuppers! It's been awhile since we've done anything nautical around these parts, and I've been wantin' ta tell ya's of a new book by a swab name o' Eric Geary.

Free Pirates For Hire: Setting Sail is the tale of a fair young maiden, Dawnya, who happens t'be the grand niece of the former Infamous Pirate Derith. He leaves her his piratical legacy, including the good ship Sea Dryad.

Now this is the kinda Young Adult fic I can get behind. It's a crackin' read -- ye can try a sample here -- and ye can buy it in pretty much any format, including an actual book, from a variety o' semi-reputable online purveyors o' stuff.

NOW THEN, ye lubbers -- anything ye needs to boost the signal on fer your own selves? ARRR!
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James Anderson, one of our regulars her (under the user name [personal profile] jasperjones22 is a science grad student with a very common problem: lack of funding. Specifically, travel expenses to get to a conference.

So, for at least the first one, he's set up a fundraiser at indiegogo.

Rewards are a certain amount of his brainpower, depending on how much you donate. Ten bucks, one science question answered. $500, you've got your own Hermione Granger. Except, you know, male. And hairier.

He doesn't need a lot. If, over the next 38 days, you can spare something, won't you help?

What other good crowdfunding/Kickstarter/indiegogo projects should we know about? These things change constantly.
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Some by people we know and love:
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From [profile] egoldberg:
Hi everyone --

For the past 4 years, producer Kristoph Klover has been dedicating sweat, passion and countless hundreds of hours of late-night studio time on a quest to deliver Leslie Fish's most evocative and crafted recording yet, capturing Leslie's personality and her guitar wizardry at its best.

Titled Avalon is Risen, this project features newly crafted recordings of Leslie's best-known and most powerful Pagan and bardic songs. Songs that are thoroughly enjoyable by Pagans and non-Pagans alike.

And I'm thrilled to announce that it's finally at the duplicators, and ready for your pre-order!

By pre-ordering, you'll be first in line to receive the first CDs on June 15th. And thanks to the Internet, you'll also receive a full MP3 album download instantaneously.

Honoring the bardic tradition of these songs, we commissioned Celtic illustrator Bradley Schenck to create a 32-page, fully-illustrated color lyric booklet that's as beautifully crafted as the CD, designed in the tradition of finely ornamented Celtic books. (And did we mention an introduction by author Diana Paxson herself?! ;-)

As an extra bonus, your pre-order entitles you a 25% limited-time discount off any of CDs or digital downloads of our other albums (featuring Julia Ecklar and friends) -- and our gratitude for your support in making this independent music possible.


If you'd like to receive the the special 25% discount pricing on our other CDs, please make pre-order from this page:

You can preview the entire Avalon is Risen album (and download 3 full MP3s at no charge):

(If you prefer to pay check, please mail $18.75 (including domestic U.S. shipping) with your mailing address to: Eli Goldberg, 4337 15th Ave NE #412, Seattle WA. Add $11.97 for any additional CDs.)


P.S. Please feel free to share this announcement with your local filk lists, friends, and anyone else who you think may be interested in this album!
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At $425,000, Evil Stevie promised everyone I'd do a half-hour of Ogre music. We passed that within minutes of announcing it, and the current support level is $439,764. Next stretch goal: the rambunctious return of Ogre miniatures. YEAH!

It's a good day to pimp your stuff or that of your friends -- what kinda crowdfunding projects do we still need to know about?
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I'm in the middle of so much stuff right now, it's making me crazy. Fortunately, I think I've figured out the rudiments of a system wherein you can help me get back towards a regular income, and in return you get a bunch of music.

I have set up TSO to take subscriptions.

$20 for three months, $30 for six months, $50 for a year. I think these are fair prices, at least for now, and at the outset I try to make the deal as sweet as possible by throwing in several live concerts and a few original commissioned songs... so, like, about eight hours of music, a fair amount of which is songs you haven't heard before. More coming soon, as I continue to process files and update the web page and oh yeah write and record all the things. (As I do that, I'll also be catching up with a few long-delayed commissioned songs. I think I finally nailed the muse's fins to the floor.)

At this point it's not automatic; you sign up, I e-mail you a URL and a password. Those of you who'd donated in the past two months, many thanks, and you're going to get your e-mail later today.

And we'll see if this works.

Oh, and, I stuck a social media bar on the left side. So if you're on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, or StumbleUpon, you can now recommend individual songs (or the whole site) to those automatically.

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I've been so distracted this past few weeks that I haven't mentioned our old friend Zander Nyrond, [profile] smallship1 has a new/old album. The Filk of Human Kindness, a complete rerecording/reimagining of his first solo album, is now available for both listening and purchase at Bandcamp.

Any new/old/cool music of yours we need to know about?
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  • New albums and live shows at TSO. (It is possible, if you did the donation thing -- for which, again, I thank you profoundly -- that you might have some of these.) Old FuMP Guy: Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 3 is precisely what it sounds like, and includes studio versions of "307 Ale", "Operation: Desert Storm", and Luke Ski and I doing "Cthulhu Fthagn". Ends and Odds has been up on BandCamp for awhile, but now I've got it at the main page. And I've got the live shows from ConTata, Ba-Con, and the World Steam Expo.
  • This weekend is ConText in Columbus, OH. Me, Seanan, Scalzi, Erica, just a gang of nice folks. I will be stupid-busy, as I'm working on commission songs while organizing yet another album for next weekend (let's see if I can make it). My first concert is tonight at 9:00.
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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  • Got a couple of new concerts on the Buy Stuff page -- MillenniCon and PenguiCon from earlier this spring. (For some reason, the main page is borked and I don't know why and I haven't got time to fix it. Later. Later.)
  • This weekend I'll be at World Steam Expo in Dearborn, MI. I'm performing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and otherwise just hangin' out. The Foglios will be there as well.
  • Other conventions you might want to hit this weekend, depending on proximity, include MarCon in Columbus, OH, BaltiCon in Baltimore, MD, and Anime North in Toronto, ONT.
  • This has already been a damn rough year for everybody. Please be safe this weekend, especially if you're traveling.
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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  • This weekend is PenguiCon at the Marriott in Troy, MI. Whole lotta FuMP members there, excellent author guests, open-source folks, good time. I'm performing at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, and again during the Masquerade Halftime Saturday night (sadly, up against The Great Luke Ski, so it's a really simple choice -- funny rap and parody versus funny folk-rock and costuming Pick your poison and be there).
  • Those of you who won't be at PenguiCon could be in Ann Arbor at The Ark, wherein you'll hear the fantabulous Uncle Bonsai. We has a ticket ('cause dummy me got all confuzzled and committed to the Masquerade Halftime while forgetting the Uncle Bonsai concert), so if you want it, send a PM to either me or [personal profile] huskiebear.
  • Huge news for computer musicians! Camel Audio's superb Alchemy Player, available for both Mac and Windows, is now free. It comes with about 1 GB of content, and all you have to do is create an account and login. Along with that is something utterly self-serving: If you follow this link to purchase anything at Camel Audio, you get a 10% discount, and I get the same amount in credit! I commend to you the following sound sets: Planet Earth, Cinematic Atmospheres, and Cinematic Impacts. The brand new Steamworx also has excellent noise.
  • A reminder that next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and (with Mad World Radio) I'll be at Comic City of Canton, 42727 Ford Road in Canton, MI. Fun, silly, and FREE COMICS!
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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Lotsa stuff this week:
  • Once again, I extend my deepest thanks and a bunch of virtual hugs to all of you who helped me out last week. I'm going to keep the download folder open until Monday night, methinks. I've got a couple of new things in there now, including a recording obtained by [personal profile] hms42 specifically as a thank-you for everybody: the first time I did "307 Ale", at OVFF back in 1989. Lyrics and melody have evolved over the years, but the most fun is hearing an audience that didn't know the joke was coming.
  • This weekend is MillenniCon in the north part of Cincinnati, OH. I didn't go last year because of another commitment, but this is in a lot of ways my home con. Wonderful, small, relaxing, fun. And, hey! Robert J. Sawyer is the Author GOH. I will be recording my concerts (three total -- one for the ConText room party on Friday ay 10:00 p.m., the main one at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, and halftime at the Masquerade), and putting them up in the donations folder on Sunday night. So, if you've still got the URL, it ain't over yet.
  • Saturday, May 7, is Free Comic Book Day. I'll be spending it at Comic City on Ford Road in Canton, MI, along with Odd from Mad World Radio. Here's a flyer and more info.
  • My dear friend [profile] markbernstein is performing this weekend and next in Neil Simon's "Laughter On The 23rd Floor". Click here for ticket info.
  • Maureen O'Danu, a friend of this site, has a couple of nifty blogs, Walking Upstream and Am I The Only One Dancing?
  • For computer musicians, the excellent Spicy Guitar VSTi is now freeware.
  • In a similar vein, the award-winning Melodyne Editor can now be tried for thirty days with no restrictions.
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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Five shows from 2007, 2008, and my most recent at MarsCon in January. I'll have the track lists up in a little while, and I hope to have a few more live shows up by the weekend.
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  • This weekend -- right now, in fact -- is CapriCon in Wheeling, IL. John Scalzi, a performance of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Semi-Feral Mercy ([personal profile] tollers, [profile] harperjen, and [personal profile] sweetmusic_27), [profile] lukeski, a bunch of other nice and talented folks. I'm usually there, and I hope to get back next year.
  • A couple of good folks are doing crowdfunded projects. There's Drew Bates and his attempt to get a really, really animated short of Redneck Ninjas (you'll recall I wrote the music for this one, and if it goes anywhere I'll write more).
  • Our friend from Girl Genius, Cheyenne Wright, is trying to fund Machination: A Game Of Evil Genius.
  • If you haven't seen this already, pmG is dong a pull-out-all-the-stops sale on its high-end 3D modelling and animation software... as in, $10 (or $40 for the big-ass pro version) as opposed to $499 (or $1195). Prices only last until their target is hit, you don't get the software until the target is hit, and if they don't reach the target everyone gets a refund. Meantime, you can download a demo.
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Trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done today, as I have to, y'know, pay rent. One thing for tomorrow: I'm going to be on Odd's Mad World Radio tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. EST, probably for the whole three hours. It's a live webcast, complete with chat, so come on and hang out. If this works out, I'm definitely doing at least one or two Second Life and/or Ustream concerts this month.

Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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  • Tomorrow I'll be at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. There will be fun, hugs, music, barbecue. My first set is "Filk and Cookies" at 10 p.m. Friday.
  • [profile] naomi_de_plume will be on a panel there, just before my set, on Breaking Into Publishing. You can find out more at her blog.
  • Check out Kim Boekbender's new album, The Impossible Girl. Free to download.
  • Also free to download: stuff on a very cool site I intend to join called Jamendo. I commend you to their Top 100 list, particularly "Balrog Boogie" by the Diablo Swing Orchestra.
  • Speaking of free, today's Giveaway Of The Day is a pretty useful Windows program called Project Lasso that helps keep your system processes from slowing down your machine.
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Jan. 12th, 2011 11:00 am
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Another iPod game for which I wrote the music. Pretty cool one, too -- puzzle-solving, action, and a boss Matrix-y feel.
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Tom Smith Online, that is. Preorder for TomBoat (including TomBoot, a field recording of the concert from about row 6) is $10, all other albums are $5, live shows are $1.99. Thanks to those of you who've purchased already, and thanks to those of you who purchase today.

You can also pre-order TomBoat at my Bandcamp page. I get a little less money; you get individual tracks. And you can listen to the whole TomBoot there.

What's your week looking like? I have three projects to finish and one to start, not to mention laundry and dishes today.
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Sorry this is late, but I spent most of yesterday uploading tracks to Bandcamp. :)Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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I have added a few new things to the sale still going on at Tom Smith Online. A few concert recordings... and one very special concert recording.


It's a pre-order for the album of the WindyCon 2010 concert that I did with Eric Coleman, Daniel "Gundo" Gunderson, Mike Nixon, Jason Neerenberg, and Raven Ap Morgan... better known as Toyboat. (There were also guest appearances by Lizzie Crowe, Debbie Gates, and Amy McNally.)

I'm waiting to get my hands on the board audio, although I suspect it might come down to a friendly competition as to who does the best final mix. ;) But when that album comes out, whoever has pre-ordered it from me gets the download as soon as I can type your e-mail addy in.

But what do we get NOW? I hear you cry. Got you covered: My faithful Zoom H4 was out in the audience, and -- while it's hardly the finest audio in that big ol' noisy room (and I don't mean merely the crowd, lotta sound bouncin' off the walls in there) -- it's actually pretty good for a rock concert in a hotel ballroom, and it certainly gives you the energy of that night. It also gives you a few tracks that aren't gonna be on the final album, at least two huge screw-ups by Yours Truly, and basically an hour and a half of one of the best nights of our lives.

Really, the only possible name for this barely-authorized recording was... TomBoot.

So. You pony up ten bucks, you get TomBoot right now, you get the full album when it's ready (which we promise will not be long). And if you absolutely have to have the individual-tracks version, as opposed to the one-big-320-Kbps-MP3, I'll have that up by tomorrow at the BandCamp page.

And, as always... if I've screwed up the HTML, let me know. Fast.

ETA: I did screw up the HTML, but fortunately I've got it sussed. Those of you who already ordered, thank you -- I'll have your download e-mails off in a few minutes.
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The Chartreuse Saturday/Cyber Monday Sale at TSO has basically been extended till the end of the year. All albums are five bucks each, all live shows are $1.99 each. And I will have several new live shows available tomorrow afternoon.

Including one, rather more expensive 'cause it's part of an album preorder. It also has a slightly unusual name.


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