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All right here. I highly recommend the lovely (and surprisingly controversial) Coca-Cola spot "America the Beautiful", the Budweiser one with the puppy, the SodaStream one for sheer prurience, the Jaguar one for your British bad guy fix, and the faux ad for Monsanto.

Which are your favorites?

Superb Owl

Feb. 2nd, 2014 09:58 am
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There is, apparently, some sporting event or other today. I suspect it has something to do with Tom Riddle, as the organizers get very touchy when someone tries to actually use the name of the thing. Fortunately, a simple slide of one letter to the left produces Superb Owl, a much more glorious thing to celebrate.

What are your plans for this year's commercial-laden testosterone fest? I'm going to get a pizza this afternoon, work on music, play too much Marvel Puzzle Quest, and wait for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier teaser, for which there was a teaser the other day:

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Intuit is sponsoring a contest, Small Business Big Game, wherein a small business can win television commercial time on the broadcast of the Super Bowl. GoldieBlox, an awesome company that makes engineering toys for girls, is in the Final Four. You can see their video (and the other three in the running) here, and vote once per day on every web-accessing device you have. Check it out, won't you? Even if you prefer one of the other companies, it's great exposure for deserving small businesses.
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Sadness. Actress and athlete Esther Williams has passed away at the age of 91. Lovely lady, decent actress, and a lot of us had aquatic fantasies over the years because of how she looked in a swimsuit.

Rest well, gentle lady, and thanks.
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About a block-and-a-half and ten or so seconds apart, right near the finish line. Two dead, two dozen injured, lots of emergency vehicles. Aggregated info and lots of links here and here, with the newest info here. And you can watch live streaming video from WBZ-TV here.

If you were down there, please sound off so we know you're all right. If you know someone there, you can check on their last checkpoint here. You can also check for people here (h/t [personal profile] jannyblue).

This is less than two hours old; there will be a lot of confusion and potentially some misinformation. Hold tight and stay calm.

Horrible. Simply horrible.

ETA: WBZ-TV is reporting that, besides the two explosions and one controlled explosion, there are two more devices that have been found and are being dismantled. There was apparently no buzz through the intelligence services of any terrorist activity of this nature, which leads one in the direction of a home-grown terrorist or group.

ETA2: Okay, in case you somehow think you should be down there for any reason at all, the police and the Federal officials are bluntly saying STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE AREA. Boylston Street in particular. Just don't go down there.

ETA3: Third explosion at JFK Library at around 3:00. Again, DON'T GO TO DOWNTOWN BOSTON, especially the Copley Square area. Cell phone service has been cut off, to prevent remote detonations. Logan Airport is still open, but the Bruins game tonight has been cancelled. And there is supposedly surveillance footage of a man with "backpacks" who looked suspicious. On top of all that, when the first explosions went off, everybody bolted -- many leaving their belongings, backpacks, etc. Every one of which has to be checked.

Son of a bitch.

ETA4: Logan Airport is still open, but emergency protocols are gearing up, so expect lots of delays.

ETA5: As we figured, lots of speculation, very little certain. Unknown whether the JFK Library explosion is related; here's their Twitter feed (h/t [personal profile] scifantasy). A couple of the hospitals have been sealed off; dunno why. At least one report mentions a "Saudi" man in custody, but that is completely unconfirmed.

ETA6: JFK Library spokesperson Rachel Flor told WBZ-TV that there was some type of fire, no one was injured, everyone got out okay, and the investigation is continuing. No clear connection to the explosions.
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A Superlative Chafing Dish or something.
  • Who's watching?
  • Who's watching for the commercials?
  • Who's watching only the commercials?
  • Who doesn't care?
  • Does anyone care about the Halftime Show?
  • And, most importantly, who's got the best nacho/burger/chili/sloppy joe recipe?
  • (I'm presuming that, if you're getting pizza, you're likely not making it today. 'Cause, FOOTBALLLLLLLLLL! Feel free to prove me wrong and supply your recipe.)
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More great sadness. [profile] starcat_jewel alerts us to the passing of Jeff Millar at the age of 70.

Jeff was the writer on one of the most underappreciated comic strips of all time: Tank McNamara. If you haven't seen it before, it may be because it usually runs in the Sports section of the newspaper (although you can subscribe to it online as well). It's a witty, silly, occasionally utterly goofball strip starring Tank McNamara, a former football star who changed careers and became a sportscaster.

There aren't too many regular supporting characters -- his girlfriend and co-worker Angela, his neighbors Nick and Kate, the amazing Dr. Tszap -- but the big appeal of Tank has always been skewering sports, the culture of sports, and pretty much anything else that Millar saw.

The strip will continue, with his partner Bill Hinds both writing and drawing.

My own favorite strip, one of my very favorite comic strips of all time, is a Sunday Tank where a coach is talking to an owner -- "Absolutely incredible, and he's a free agent!" The owner says, "Okay, let's see this new defensive star."

They go to the field, where a scrimmage is starting. The quarterback says, "Hut one, hut two --"

At which point, The Incredible Hulk tears through the defensive line, aiming straight for the QB. He's got a helmet kinda jammed onto his head, he's flinging bodies this way and that, and he picks up the QB (clutching the ball to his chest like a child) and tosses him like a lawn dart. And then Hulk comes over the to the coach and owner with a big grin.

The owner says, "... What are you trying to pull? That's The Hulk. We can't sign him. He's a fictional character. He's not even real."

The coach walks away dejected, and ends up in the locker room, where Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Thor are waiting, all with football helmets. And the coach says, "No go, guys -- try the Colts...."

Rest well, Mr. Millar, and thanks for nearly four decades of laughs.

Any favorite sports comics you like, or specific cartoons, or...?
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Jordan Metzi and his New York Runners in Support of Staten Island.

If you want to help out the un-slogging of NYC and the Northeast, visit Occupy Sandy.
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Great sadness. Alex Karras, one of the greatest defensive players in Detroit Lions history, and a beloved actor best known for the TV series Webster and for his portrayal of Mongo in Blazing Saddles, has passed away at the age of 77.

Rest well, big guy, and thanks.

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Tomorrow, I take care of good ol' Garnet in Columbus, then spend most of the rest of the week working on music and Tom Smith Online, which has been sadly neglected for a couple of months now. There will also be watchings of episodes of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which is a pretty damn fine show.

And what's your week look like?
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I was and am a fan of Muhammad Ali. Hell of a fighter, hell of a human being.

Someone that big needed a nemesis as big. And that was Joe Frazier.

Smokin' Joe. One of the hardest hitters the boxing game had ever seen. Hard enough to break Ali's jaw. Hard enough to put Ali down.

And hard enough to make Ali reach inside himself as never before to come back and beat him.

Their three bouts became the stuff of legend. Especially the Thrilla in Manila. What a frickin' match.

Joe Frazier has passed away at the age of 67. Condolences to his friends and family. He had a huge life, and will not be forgotten.
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  • Longtime Detroit Tiger fans has a sad, as outfielder and slugger Jim Northrup has passed away at the age of 71.
  • Generally, I consider NYT columnist Thomas Friedman to be a near-perfect ass. But, as [personal profile] siliconshaman points out, he's locked onto the most pressing problem in the world, possibly in the history of the world: the Earth is full.
  • If you want a very cool animation program, with lip-synching and bones and everything, there's a special deal this weekend only on Smith Micro's Anime Studio, brand-new version 8.
  • Today would have been the 96th birthday of Les Paul. Google commemorates it.
More later.
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Sadness. One of the greatest sluggers in baseball history, Harmon Killebrew of the Minnesota Twins, has passed away at the age of 74. Killebrew was one of those players like Al Kaline, the ones who are just good guys and do their jobs and astound you time and again. It was always great when the Tigers played the Twins back in the day, because you never knew when things would break out into a barrage of big hits and home runs.

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