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More shitty weather coming soon, from Texas sweeping up into Virginia. Looks like more bitter cold and especially more snow. Stay alert, stay safe.


Jan. 3rd, 2014 02:21 pm
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So, Happy Deep Freeze -- erm, New Year.

Much of the country is under a thick layer of snow and a worse layer of sub-zero wind chills. Here in Ann Arbor and environs, it got down to minus Too Effing Cold last night, with a wind chill of Jayzus God Put The Dog On My Feet. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach a balmy 29° F, and then in the evening we have a Winter Storm Watch predicting up to 12" of new white stuff, followed by yet another bitter cold snap. (The forecast high on tuesday is -2° F.)

Please bundle up, don't go out unless you have to, stay alert, stay safe, and check in.

How are you getting through this? (It's perfectly all right to get through it by being someplace warm. We promise not to hate you. Much.)
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Here in way-too-freakin-sunny Ann Arbor, it's 89° (heading toward 95°) with 67% humidity; it feels as if it's 101°. It's like that in a lot of places today. (Strangely enough, according to friends on FB, not in most of Texas. Go fig.) It's going to be like that most of the week. The lows are in the 70s.

If you happen to be in one of those places, please keep yourself hydrated, stay in the air conditioning as much as you can, eat light meals with protein, keep yourself hydrated, don't leave pets or kids in the car -- did I mention keeping yourself hydrated? This is killing weather.

How is it where you are, and how are you dealing with it?
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From Chicago, across the Ohio Valley, all the way to D.C. Weatherdude from dKos says that many local weatherpeople are dropping the ball on explaining "derecho" to viewers, so the link above details not only the weather risk tomorrow, but what a derecho is and why you should worry about it.

Hunker down, stay alert, stay safe, check in.
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Horrible. Please, please, if you live or were traveling anywhere in the area, sound off so we know you're all right.
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Live video feed from News 9, thanks to CJ Cherryh on FB. Get your asses down, stay safe.

ETA: Holy crap. Lots and lots of damage, houses smashed, at least one school devastated. Lots of debris in the roads, lots of cars tossed all over the damn place, many with people still in them. And it's still going on. Please please please stay safe and check in when you can.
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It's looking like eastern Oklahoma, southwest Missouri, and northwest Arkansas will be taking the brunt today. But the system stretches from Mexico up into Canada, and it'll likely get a boost when it reaches the Gulf, so watch out for "regular" storms as well.

As usual, weatherdude from dKos has the 411.

Stay alert, stay safe, check in after it's past.
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A reiteration: There are more nasty storms generating in Oklahoma and Kansas, feeding off the stuff that's been whomping on north-central Texas. (Did Dallas-Ft. Worth piss off Aang and Katara, or what?) As usual, the amazing weatherdude at dKos has the 411. Stay alert, stay safe.
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Long, narrow band of intense storms along a front slicing diagonally from Missouri toward Canada. Under the gun: Indiana, southern Michigan, surrounding areas (esp. the Ohio Valley). Weatherdude at dKos has the 411. Stay alert, stay safe, check in when you can. I'm likely to bail out of here myself in an hour or three.

Worst Week Evar.

ETA: I'm fine so far. The storms were loud but brief. On the other hand, all I saw this afternoon was the southern edge of the front. There's still a whole lot of wet coming up from Indiana, and while it may not be severe weather it certainly is soggy.
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Everybody okay from this, or hunkered down where you have to be? Sound off, so we know you're all right.
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Whether it's the winter solstice, that whole Mayan calendar thing, or merely the birthday of Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, allow me to contribute to your feeling that now you've seen everything:

So. What stuff are you taking with you when the world dissolves into chaos and fire? I got two external hard drives, my dice bag, and my stuffed Bear right here. And an off-off-off-brand Android tablet filled to the gills with Harry Potter fanfic.
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Great sadness and fond memories for us Michiganders today.

First, Helen Milliken, the wife of former Governor William Milliken, has passed away at the age of 89. She was the First Lady of Michigan for fourteen years, and came to be an exceptional advocate of women's rights and environmental protection. She was one of those people about whom no one had anything bad to say. A smart, elegant, classy lady, and a great ambassador for our state, and she will be missed.

And then there's Marvin Eliot Schlossburg.

Sonny Eliot has passed away at the age of 91. We'll remember him sadly but fondly -- "sondly" kinda remembering, if you will.
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Not kidding around here -- Big Honkin' Death Storm coming, already affecting my weather here in Ann Arbor from all the way off the East Coast. In addition to all your normal sources for weather info; there are some resources at dKos: terrypinter has the first Mothership (live-blog central) diary, chaoslilith picks up the baton from terrypinter, and weatherdude goes into the science.

Be safe, and check in when you can.
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Because thunderheads have neckbolts, y'know?

Seriously, apparently Hurricane Sandy is getting ready to make Really Bad Weather Shrimp Boil out of a hunk of the Eastern Seaboard. All standard cautions apply: stock up on food, water, and other necessary items; get to someplace safe; hunker down; and check in when you can, so we know you're okay.
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Already hitting the Keys. Anyone in FL, GA, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, maybe the Carolinas -- stay alert and stay safe.

And, if you're heading for Dragon*Con this week -- like me -- be extra careful. You're gonna be on the roads or in the air, away from known shelters. Make sure your car has an emergency kit.
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Love having a little advance notice. Weatherdude's got the 411. Stay alert, stay safe. We'll have a check-in post tomorrow.

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