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The ConFusion Programming Schedule is up, and I am in a daunting position. I can deal with 6:00 p.m. Saturday, that's fine. But whose bright idea was it that I go right after the Heather Dale Band (Heather, Ben Deschamps, probably S. J. Tucker, and who knows who else will show up)!? I'm doomed.

Or else we'll all have a great time. One of the two.

Oh, and [profile] markbernstein is the Fan GOH! He gets inducted into that worthy office at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, then has his own concert at 3:00. And there's [profile] howardtayler and other artists doing stuff, and lots of Maker panels, and Anime all weekend (if you're up at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, they're running an ep of the marvelous Code Geass
), and more writer panels than you can shake a Selectric at, and gaming, and costuming, and and and.

If, for whatever reason, you have never been to ConFusion, this is a really great year to start.

So, who's planning to be there?
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Christmas stuff at CostCo notwithstanding, it's getting closer to that most glorious time of the year: Halloween! When candy isn't fattening, scares aren't that scary, and everybody cosplays.

Anne steered me to a couple of costume sites I think you'll like.
  • First is Take Back Halloween, a resource guide for unusual and quick costuming and especially for breaking out of the "Sexy _____" mold (read their About page).
  • Second is Carbon Costume, another DIY costuming site with some innovative stuff going on. Some of their costumes are pretty pricey, though.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Cosplay Tutorial covers everything from make-up to PVC, from wig-making to LEDs. NOT a quickie-costume site, but if you want to seriously get into cosplay it's an amazing resource.
  • Buzzfeed has a couple of surprisingly excellent pages for quick & easy costumes.
  •'s page has many excellent ideas.
  • And, last and least yet still great, the certifiably nutso costume ideas at Haunted In Hillsboro.
Any particular sites you like? Either how-to resource archives, or cosplayers you really enjoy.

ETA: several more sites.
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The comments on YouTube are about how much they would pay for this, but all I can think is that it's practically a seminar for how to make such art yourself. Hot off of MuseCon, howzabout linking up to some especially cool instructional videos?
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Behold FIBIAC.

What's your favorite site for stuff like this? I'm just starting to poke around into it, and Thingiverse is very cool but it can't be the only one.
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This weekend I'm missing two conventions I wish I could attend: MuseCon in Chicago and GenCon in Indianapolis. I hope everyone there is having a great time, and I especially wish many, many happies to our own Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, who are celebrating their wedding this weekend at MuseCon! Mwah!

So, I'll be home, working on music that really needs to be finished. Howzabout you?
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  • It's been awhile since I released a live show, and I have several I need to get to -- but, finally, here's the Friday night show from Dragon*Con this year. Great, great crowd.
  • This weekend is WindyCon in Lombard, IL, and it should be fantastic as usual. Any part of the musical line-up alone is worth it -- Alexander James Adams, S. J. Tucker, Betsy Tinney (as well as their collectives, Skinny White Chick and Tricky Pixie), Heather Dale, Amy McNally, The Great Luke Ski, Art Warneke, Beth Kinderman & Friends, and -- oh yeah -- me and Toyboat, together for one night only as the mighty Tomboat! Friday night, 9:00 -- be there or be disappointed!
  • Our friend [personal profile] solarbird, known also as Crime And The Forces Of Evil, has a new album, Dick Tracy Must Die, which you might want to check out, and a mailing list to sign up for.
  • Hands-on folks might want to get their hands on this very special issue of Make Magazine.
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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First and most important thing: My wrist still hurts like crazy, but flexing it in the direction necessary to play guitar was no more a problem than keeping it straight, and so my set went just fine. Not that many people there for it -- maybe two dozen at the most, an average of about twelve -- but they were enthusiastic and appreciative (and several were fans and friends, which is always nice).

The Faire itself was amazing. I didn't expect anything so huge. Robotics, strange and wonderful bicycles, environmental exhibits, UtiliKilts, ever-damn-thing. Incredible energy, on every level -- Leslie and I marveled at how this community is very much like a nascent fandom. The community really didn't exist about five years or so ago, as far as we can tell, and everybody has got the full-on fannish You mean there are OTHER people out there besides me who like this stuff!?! And a lot of fannish overlap. The PenguiCon people had a booth. And Maia was there, and Anna and Doug, and the Underwoods, and Paul Haas, and about fifteen other people I knew from cons (naturally, the names elude me, dang Swiss cheese Rolodex).

I sincerely hope they do another one. This was great.

Anybody else, erm, make it?

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