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A little extra love and attention for:Any other cool projects we should know about?
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Our FuMP buds, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, are still about a thousand bucks shy of funding their new album. Won't you help?
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I'm trying to finish up some music today, and I don't think I'll get to PenguiCon until tomorrow. Which saddens me, because I could use the hugs. But I'll get them tomorrow, and hang out with Luke and Gundo and Les and maybe Anne and whoever else shows up 'cause it's local and fun and hey. I believe my set is at 6:00 p.m. Saturday.

The music is fourfold. I've got a commission job I want to finish in the next week; that's being back-burnered until Monday. I have remixed "Quit Freaking Out Over Boobs" to make the vocals more prominent (and add a harmony) for the final cut on the next FuMP album. I have to clean up the vocals for "Prometheus", same dealie. And I have to expand the Ogre theme I did for Steve Jackson's Ogre Kickstarter into about two minutes' worth. (And Steve kindly mentioned me in an interview with GeekDad at Wired.)

It would also be really really great if I could spiff up Tom Smith Online tonight -- I need to add a few concerts that subscribers have had for awhile now, and fix a little code, and update the main page. I also have to update the Press Kit, but that can wait until Wednesday or so.

And then I get some dang sleep.

How's your weekend starting out...?
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Various and sundry:
  • This weekend, a bunch of our friends are rocking out Mississauga, ONT at FilkOntario. Later today, we'll know the inductees for this year's Filk Hall Of Fame, and along the way there will be amazing music. I haven't been there in a couple of years, and I miss it. I'm hoping to get back next year. Meantime, hugs to everybody, and I hope you're having a blast.
  • At this writing, the Ogre Kickstarter is less than $600 from the $250,000 stretch goal (which means Kickstarter donors will get the game a full month early).
  • Two more sad music obits from yesterday: Levon Helm from The Band, and Greg Ham from Men At Work. I'm not even sure what to say about either of them (especially Mr. Helm, about whom we could go on for hours), except that this whole week has been one of hideous loss for the rock music world.
  • I'm working on some music -- finally have the computer up and thrashing properly, with a lot less system bloat than I had before the HD self-destructed Monday -- and later today I'll get together with Anne and see The Hunger Games. Tomorrow, there's getting together with my sister and the kids, and Monday (after I download 'em) there will be The Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones, and Once Upon A Time.
  • I also posted a new FuMP song yesterday:

    Anne thinks I should remix it to make the vocals more prominent, and I'm beginning to agree with her.
And how's your weekend shaping up...?


Apr. 16th, 2012 10:30 am
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My main hard drive crashed this morning. While booting up, everything just froze, and then Blue Screen'd, and the system no longer recognized it as a hard drive.

I have installed an older, smaller SATA drive that will get me through. But I have a FuMP song due tonight, and other things I'm trying to get done dammit, and THIS IS JUST ANNOYING.

So how's your day...?


Nothing has worked well today. About the only thing that is working is I got the dang SATA drive taken care of and installed. My plan is to add another as soon as possible, unless I just replace it and keep this as an instant back-up.

Many, many other small problems today. The FuMP song has been put off till Friday.

Hugs to all of you. Dammit.
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Because, while I likely granted permission at some point (and it's under a Creative Commons license anyway), I can't remember and don't recognize 'em:

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Lots of things happening this weekend; the one I'll be at is WindyCon in Lombard, IL. Tonight at 9:00 p.m., I'm backed up by Gundo, Eric, Mike, Jason, and Raven -- not to mention the exquisite Amy and the luscious Lizzie -- in TomBoat II: This Time It's Gonna Be Recorded Properly. Be there or be somewhere less fun.

Among other luminaries yodelling at the Windy crowd this weekend: The Great Luke Ski, Frank Hayes, the Feng Shui Ninjas, Possible Oscar, Robin Nakkula, author GOH Catherine Asaro, and who knows who else.

Windy is always a tremendously good time, and if you can be there, it'll just be that much better.

If you're not there, what are you doing?
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A little crazy here, so I apologize: I forgot to mention that the first annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards For Excellence In Comedy Music were handed out at Con On The Cob in Akron, OH last weekend. Congratulations to Steve Goodie and Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Worm Quartet, the Moneyshot Cosmonauts, and all the other nominees!
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Con On The Cob is going on right now in Akron, OH. If you want to watch the various demented music concerts, featuring a lot of our friends, you can do so at .
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If you happened to not catch all the music at PenguiCon, or you did but you wanted to hear it again, there are now songs from several of the concerts online, featuring The Great Luke Ski, Power Salad, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Possible Oscar, Toyboat, and some other guy. It's even got DVD extras like interviews!
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  • This weekend is PenguiCon at the Marriott in Troy, MI. Whole lotta FuMP members there, excellent author guests, open-source folks, good time. I'm performing at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, and again during the Masquerade Halftime Saturday night (sadly, up against The Great Luke Ski, so it's a really simple choice -- funny rap and parody versus funny folk-rock and costuming Pick your poison and be there).
  • Those of you who won't be at PenguiCon could be in Ann Arbor at The Ark, wherein you'll hear the fantabulous Uncle Bonsai. We has a ticket ('cause dummy me got all confuzzled and committed to the Masquerade Halftime while forgetting the Uncle Bonsai concert), so if you want it, send a PM to either me or [personal profile] huskiebear.
  • Huge news for computer musicians! Camel Audio's superb Alchemy Player, available for both Mac and Windows, is now free. It comes with about 1 GB of content, and all you have to do is create an account and login. Along with that is something utterly self-serving: If you follow this link to purchase anything at Camel Audio, you get a 10% discount, and I get the same amount in credit! I commend to you the following sound sets: Planet Earth, Cinematic Atmospheres, and Cinematic Impacts. The brand new Steamworx also has excellent noise.
  • A reminder that next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and (with Mad World Radio) I'll be at Comic City of Canton, 42727 Ford Road in Canton, MI. Fun, silly, and FREE COMICS!
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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This one will require a small around of background. Very short form: There's this guy, Rob Granito, who has for awhile now apparently traced other comic artists' work and passed it off as his own. Also padded his resume a lot. Last month, it all blew up in his face.

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We kicked butt on Dr. Demento's Funny 25 again this year, and even though I don't have any of my own songs on there, I was a prominent participant in the #2 song!

#25 Burning Ambitions - Nuclear Bubble Wrap

#24 Wet Dream - Kip Addotta
#23 I Hate Mondays - Devo Spice
#22 Shall We Burn A Book For Jesus? - Steve Goodie
#21 Lost Without My "Lost" - Power Salad
#20 Ice Cream Man - Steve Goodie

#19 It's Good To Be The King - The Great Luke Ski (f/ Devo Spice, Insane Ian, & Bud Sharpe)

#18 Pants On The Ground - General Larry Platt
#17 Give You A Baby - Johnny Walker

#16 Twitter Tweetin' - Carrie Dahlby

#15 The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny (Dinosaurchestra mix) - Lemon Demon
#14 DiG DuG - Insane Ian (FuMP Sideshow)

#13 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#12 You're Homely But I'll Sleep With You - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
#11 Hey Iron Man! - Whimsical Will

#10 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
#9 Tweetin' On A Jet Plane - Steve Goodie
#8 Ten Foot Two, Skin Of Blue - Robert Lund
#7 Black Water (BP Version) - Steve Goodie

#6 The Guy On TV Is Not Happy - Tony Goldmark
#5 Smells Like Karen Carpenter - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
#4 Street Meat (You Keep Tauntin' Me) - Mike Phirman
#3 Census - Max DeGroot (FuMP Sideshow)
#2 I Bagged A Tiger - Steve Goodie (guest-starring me!)
EXTRA: Golden Birdies - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

#1 Raichu A Song - Nuclear Bubble Wrap

You can listen to the whole show at Dr. Demento dot com.  Two bucks for decent-quality streaming, four bucks for high-quality streaming, over two and a half hours of funny music!

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That's the name of the new album from our friend and fellow FuMPer Steve Goodie. It's a kids album with nineteen songs, twelve of which are about Harry Potter, and if you pre-order it by this weekend you can get it, either as a physical CD or a download, for only five bucks. To whet your appetite, here's Steve's authorized parody of Weird Al's "Hardware Store":
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This one's definitely gonna get remixed. Time pressure was on me, and the music's good but not as good as I'd like, and I'm wrestling with both new hardware (the sound in my motherboard) and software (Reaper). Still, I like it, and think some harmonies and sound effects will add nicely to it.

On that hardware note, can anyone help me figure out how to make a stupid X-Fi XtremeGamer card work with XP SP3? It used to, dammit, but I've had it for awhile, and it might have been easier to grandfather in from SP2 and I didn't realize it. As it is, I can't get it to work, and I just did a full re-install, thank you, and don't feel like repeating the experience.

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