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Our buddy Blind Lemming Chiffon is in a bit of a rough patch right now. To help get through it, he has a bunch of nifty collectible books available on eBay. Won't you help?
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Our old buddy Gary Wood, the filmmaker behind Saving Star Wars, is doing something cool for the next week:
Beginning today, August 23, through Friday, August 30, WoodWorks Films will donate $2.00 from every online viewing/rental of Saving Star Wars. We're excited to make this happen and hope you'll make this a Saving Star Wars/Make-A-Wish Weekend.
If you haven't seen it before, SSW is a great little picture, with humor, wit, and a lot of heart. I wrote "Rock Me Amidala" for it, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Check it out, won't you? And, if you like it, boost the signal.
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Our dear friend [personal profile] fabricdragon has an ongoing fundraiser to cover her costs for rescuing and repairing distressed musical instruments. Check it out, won't you?
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One more time. They're down to 17 hours, with just over $500 to go. C'mon, it's our dear friends, Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe! You know you want to help.
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Our dear friends Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, otherwise known as Cheshire Moon, are in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their new album. Unfortunately, they're only halfway to their goal, with ten days to go. Won't you check it out and help if you can? Thanks.
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A little extra love and attention for:Any other cool projects we should know about?
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Our FuMP buds, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, are still about a thousand bucks shy of funding their new album. Won't you help?
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Our friend [personal profile] bayushisan has a new gaming and media blog, and if you like his comments here and his articles at dKos, I think you will find it quite good. Always thoughtful, and usually finding an angle others do not.

Any other blogs, FB pages, Tumblrs, Twitters, Pinterest pages, etc., we should check out?
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Our dear friends Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, known collectively as Cheshire Moon, have another crowdfunded album project. Crowes and Consequences should be every bit as spiff as Ways of Wind and Water, but they need some help over the next 33 days to get there. Check it out, won't you?
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My old buddy Gary Wood (the guy who created Saving Star Wars) is running a Kickstarter for a new film. My Kid Brother's Band is based on interviews with George Harrison's sister Louise, currently living in Benton, IL.

This KS is just starting out, and they could use some help. Won't you give it a look? Thanks.
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From Chicago, across the Ohio Valley, all the way to D.C. Weatherdude from dKos says that many local weatherpeople are dropping the ball on explaining "derecho" to viewers, so the link above details not only the weather risk tomorrow, but what a derecho is and why you should worry about it.

Hunker down, stay alert, stay safe, check in.
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Serious help time. A longtime friend, [personal profile] louisadkins, is stranded in Wyoming with his family and a dead car. Any little bit will help right now, if you can PayPal something to .
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Ahhh, good ol'MarCon. First con I made a big splash at. It's evolved over the years, and it's a pretty much guaranteed excellent time. And I has a schedule!
  • Fri 7:00pm (Madison) - Earworm: I got that song stuck in my head
  • Fri 10:00pm (Union E) - Open Filk
  • Sat 2:30pm (Fairfield) - Concert: Tom Smith
  • Sat 8:30pm (Union E) - TV/Movie Singalong
  • Sun 2:30pm (Union E) - Closing Jam
The "TV/Movie Singalong" is an expansion of what I've been doing in concerts for several months now -- reminding everybody that we all know some great songs, and why don't we sing them more often?

The Earworm panel will simply be dangerous. Audio of "Badger Badger Badger" will be available as a scouring agent, although that of course has its own problems.

Also, The Great Luke Ski and I will share a table in the Dealers' Room.

Who-all's gonna be there, and, if you're gonna be there, do you have any programming we should know about?
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Can't help it. It's by a guy in town, and it looks amazingly simple and fun, and if you don't want to pay for the full production game we could still push him way over the top just on getting the $4 print-and-play. Won't you help?

Any Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe projects that we should know about?
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Everybody okay from this, or hunkered down where you have to be? Sound off, so we know you're all right.
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Dennis Lenz, the guy behind Prodyon Virtual Gear (purveyor of excellent noise for Windows), is closing his doors. Various reasons: time, health, the usual stuff. So you won't be able to get his exceptional sounds anymore.

Which is a really good reason to get them now, as you can own ALL of them for fifteen bucks. That's right, $15.

I can personally vouch for the quality of these -- I got into one of his Plugins For Life deals a few years back, and I've never regretted it. EnChoir and PolyPitch are fascinating and useful effects plugins, and LiveMachine, Phenome, and the Ambient Textures are just great. And the newest VST, ShortNoise, has lots of potential.

Thing is, it all closes up in just a few days. None of this is going to be available to buy after March 1st. (Downloads will be good through the end of 2013.)

If you're interested, click here.

Any other gear deals we should know about?
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AVAST, ye scuppers! It's been awhile since we've done anything nautical around these parts, and I've been wantin' ta tell ya's of a new book by a swab name o' Eric Geary.

Free Pirates For Hire: Setting Sail is the tale of a fair young maiden, Dawnya, who happens t'be the grand niece of the former Infamous Pirate Derith. He leaves her his piratical legacy, including the good ship Sea Dryad.

Now this is the kinda Young Adult fic I can get behind. It's a crackin' read -- ye can try a sample here -- and ye can buy it in pretty much any format, including an actual book, from a variety o' semi-reputable online purveyors o' stuff.

NOW THEN, ye lubbers -- anything ye needs to boost the signal on fer your own selves? ARRR!
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You all remember the brouhaha that erupted online several days ago, regarding Glee lifting Jonathan Coulton's unique and hilarious arrangement of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" and not crediting JoCo. Well, the celebrated Mr. Coulson has retaliated in the best possible way:
I’ve released this track as a single – it should be on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play eventually if it’s not already. It’s a cover of Glee’s cover of my cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song, which is to say it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as my original version. I’m releasing this under the same Harry Fox license I used for the 2005 release, so Mix will get all the royalties due to him. I’ll donate the proceeds from all sales that happen between now and the end of February to two charities: The VH1 Save the Music Foundation, and The It Gets Better Project. (fine print: iTunes will get their cut first of course, then I’ll deduct enough to cover my licensing fees, and split the rest between the two. iTunes sometimes takes a long time to report sales, sometimes even a couple of months, so I won’t be able to do the math and make the donation until I have the numbers. But I’ll let you know when I’ve gotten the amount and made the donation.)
You can get it on iTunes, GooglePlay, or AmazonMP3.

Helping JoCo, helping worthy charities, and gently embarrassing the Fox network for a classless move in such a way that they really can't complain. Win-win-win.

(thanks to my darling [personal profile] sweetmusic_27 for reminding me about this)
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Here's the core of the problem:

In an effort to add data for Heather & Ben, here's what I know about my YouTube account money.

I have three monetized videos on YouTube -- the "Talk Like A Pirate Day" one with lyrics and guitar chords, the one from CapriCon 2008 with me and the Pirate Guys, and the one of Judi and me at MarCon 2008 doing "I Had A Shoggoth".

According to my Analytics page, my earnings so far total $1.38. From YouTube specifically: six cents.

I don't even know how I would go about collecting that $1.38. Or six cents.

Oh, wait -- there are two pages: the estimated earnings is different from the ad revenue. No idea why. But there, I've got $2.58. Or $18.83. Or somethin'.

I'm sure I can figure out the advertising revenue page, and I'm sure there's a guide to it. But I'll say this: Right now, I got nothin'. Literally nothin'. No idea where to get what money I supposedly have, nor why I supposedly have the amount I supposedly have.

For about a year after I put that freakin' video up, YouTube pestered me about monetizing it. When I finally did so, the process was reasonably simple. And I don't know why they would be giving Heather such grief about her music.

Anyone else have data points for Heather & Ben?

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