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I have three printers in the house. Two wireless.

For some reason, which I am unable to fathom, my desktop computer will print to none of them.

It will scan from the one.

I got the old (2008, Vista, aiee) laptop to print yesterday. Today... nothing. I got a couple of pages by plugging the wireless printer into the laptop, which kinda defeats the purpose. Couldn't scale the damn PDF properly. Designed something with Avery's site and software, and it couldn't match its own template. After I unplugged the USB and tried it in the main 'puter again (with no printing as the result), I plugged it back into the laptop. Now it won't print.

I have been trying to print some business cards and CD labels, basically, since MillenniCon.

I have spent more than three hours a day every day this week (including Sunday) trying to coax the printers into producing. Nothing useful. No. Thing. Uninstall, reinstall, scour, expunge, download new drivers, find the original CD, doesn't effing matter.

They. Do. Not. Work.

Oh, pardon me, the iPad can print easily. Although I don't have any good app to play with the PDF, so I can't scale the doc properly, and I really don't want to learn another app today, I have shit to do.

I don't know what the fuck to do at this point.

Sorry, I just really had to vent.

How's your day?
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Behold FIBIAC.

What's your favorite site for stuff like this? I'm just starting to poke around into it, and Thingiverse is very cool but it can't be the only one.
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I'm dealing with mobo sound right now -- it's not bad, but it's not fantastic. So I figured I'd try to reinstall my Rocketfish RF-71SDCD sound card, even though it's known to have problems with Windows 7. Surely they've fixed the drivers by now...?

No, they haven't. And don't call me Shirley.

I will not detail the clicks, pops, stutters, and window-hopping I did, trying to get this stupid thing working. It was great for WinXP, but with Win7/64 it's a bust. Sigh.

Anybody know a good sound card that works well with Win7/64, that's not too awfully expensive? By the time my birthday rolls around, I should be able to get it.

ETA: Well, hey. Now I'd like some personal experience with cards on Win7/64.


Apr. 16th, 2012 10:30 am
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My main hard drive crashed this morning. While booting up, everything just froze, and then Blue Screen'd, and the system no longer recognized it as a hard drive.

I have installed an older, smaller SATA drive that will get me through. But I have a FuMP song due tonight, and other things I'm trying to get done dammit, and THIS IS JUST ANNOYING.

So how's your day...?


Nothing has worked well today. About the only thing that is working is I got the dang SATA drive taken care of and installed. My plan is to add another as soon as possible, unless I just replace it and keep this as an instant back-up.

Many, many other small problems today. The FuMP song has been put off till Friday.

Hugs to all of you. Dammit.
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From pancreatic cancer, at the age of 56. Pretty much no details at this point. Condolences to his friends and family.

Dude changed the world. Not a lot who can say that.
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a $25 HDMI->USB PC-on-a-stick. 128 MB RAM, running Ubuntu. Plug in an HDMI TV at one end and a USB keyboard (I'd use one with at least one USB port, for mouse work) at the other, and go.

Would you get one of these, and what would you use it for? At the very least, I'd never lug a computer to a con again.
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Thanks to the vagaries of algorithms, a famous text on flies was briefly listed on Amazon for $23,698,655.93 (+$3.99 shipping).

Gotta love computers -- they don't do what you want, only what you tell them.

What's your latest twitchy software story? I've got a problem with USB drives not being recognized (I think it's a glitchy cable), and -- after several tries in the past -- my Win7x64 has finally recognized ASIO4ALL.
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This one's definitely gonna get remixed. Time pressure was on me, and the music's good but not as good as I'd like, and I'm wrestling with both new hardware (the sound in my motherboard) and software (Reaper). Still, I like it, and think some harmonies and sound effects will add nicely to it.

On that hardware note, can anyone help me figure out how to make a stupid X-Fi XtremeGamer card work with XP SP3? It used to, dammit, but I've had it for awhile, and it might have been easier to grandfather in from SP2 and I didn't realize it. As it is, I can't get it to work, and I just did a full re-install, thank you, and don't feel like repeating the experience.


Sep. 28th, 2010 01:47 pm
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Stupid Creative.

The mobo sound clicks way too much. It could be that I haven't installed ASIO on here yet, but it just doesn't sound right. So, the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer board is back in. Can't find the disk, though.

I downloaded the right driver, installed, rebooted... and up popped something saying Would you like us to check for updates? Figuring this would get me a few apps that I wanted without me trying too hard, I said yes. Aaaaaand now it's taking an estimated two hours plus for a couple hundred MB of files from their glacial servers. With no option to cancel, and having apparently overwritten my previous install of the drivers.

If this POS slows down my computer by even a jot, I'll strip out everything but just the main driver.


So which software installs do you hate, or love? I am sick to the teeth of Apple, Divx, and a number of smaller companies having A Wonderful Plan For Your Life and being determined to inflict it on you at every opportunity. You know, like RealPlayer used to be. (The problem with Divx is that the Divx Update program crashes a lot. I've got better things to do with my processor cycles than nursemaid buggy crap updaters.) And oh my frickin Cthulhu the Native Instruments Service Center.

On the other hand, FileZilla (which has its own problems, unfortunately) and Notepad++ are amazing, installing and restarting themselves with nary a glitch. Firefox and Chrome are pretty good. And Reaper's a dream. It doesn't auto-update, but it lets you know very politely when there's a new version, and it's only a few MB download, and it installs right over it with no problem. Heh. Winamp does exactly the same thing, but somehow Winamp's update notice annoys the heck out of me where Reaper's doesn't.

ETA: Gaaaaaaaah. There's some glitch I haven't run into before, that basically hoses my card (X-Fi Xtreme Gamer) on XP SP3. Somehow, my previous install avoided it. This one hasn't, and oy is it common, frustrating, and damn near unsolvable. So I will see if ASIO4ALL will help the mobo audio.


Sep. 24th, 2010 10:12 pm
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I can has new XP install.

I did indeed have access to the drive before I nuked it, so I backed up pretty much everything of any importance before the fresh format. Got the mobo drivers, video drivers, internet, Firefox beta 4b, a bunch of essential free goodies, I'm downloading SP3 now, and I'll have BIAB and Acid Pro 7 and Reaper back on this puppy within the hour and I am good to go.

Except for the stack of games to my right. ;)

What free software can't you do without? Notepad++, VLC Player, Winamp, Picasa, CCleaner, MS Security Essentials, Foxit Reader, and AnVir make my life much easier. RocketDock is way cool. And I really can't choose between Firefox and Chrome, so I have 'em both. :)


Sep. 24th, 2010 10:37 am
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Dammit, I do not want to have to do a full reinstall. Not now. But it's beginning to look that way.
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New CPU and mobo seem to work. Unfortunately, the slipstream XP SP2 disk I made a few years ago doesn't give me the option to repair an existing installation. It's installing WinXP clean right now. (No, I didn't tell it to format or change the file structure or anything.)

More later.
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I took the desktop to the local computer store ("local" in this case meaning literally three miles down the road, thank FSM) and determined that it wasn't the power supply, and it wasn't the video card. Something in the CPU or motherboard or memory. It'll cost $35 and a couple of days to narrow it down.

Heck with that. I can get a new CPU and motherboard for about a hundred bucks at MicroCenter in Madison Heights, and just swap everything out. I will most likely do that tomorrow -- I have some music I MUST work on today.

I have found conflicting versions of what this will do. Some online reports suggest you have to do a full reinstall (not gonna happen). Others refer to a repair install (if I can find the disk). The most optimistic say that WinXP SP3 will simply load the default drivers until you get the proper mobo drivers in place. Any insight as to that?
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Nope, never fucking ends, does it?

Got home safe. All happy.

Desktop booted, mouse froze. I tried to unplug and replug it. Whole computer crashed. Won't turn on. Well, okay, a couple of lights in the front are getting power. But it's not booting.

I'll deal with it tomorrow.

I hope to FSM you're having a better evening than I.
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Could be much worse. I've been trying to install a new system drive to replace the old one (which has not gone yet, and which is thoroughly backed up, I can be taught), but between swapping hardware and changing drive letters and such, I've managed to make my main computer unbootable. I can do a clean install, but that means digging for all my disks. Note my joy.

On the other hand, a system is usually much perkier after a clean install.

How's your day so far?


It took two very basic installs of XP SP2 (using a slipstream disk) and a little bit of three-hard-drive Monte in the registry, but I am apparently back to where I was on Wednesday, except my C: drive is now 500 GB rather than 160 and it's not making that annoying cricket noise. Haven't unattached the old drive yet; may not. But I'm not gonna use it for anything important. And DriveImage XML worked like a champ.

Hahhhhhhh. Muuuuuch better.


Aug. 30th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Ohhhhh, I do not need this. Not now.

Desk computer is giving me problems which seem to indicate either the power supply or the graphics card, I think the former. The main hard drive is also making little chirping noises, that sound like some kind of lubrication problem. FSM save me if it's contact. The drive is still reading, so I'm currently backing it up completely.

It's a few days before Dragon*Con and I have to burn CD-Rs, I'm trying to finish a commission job, and I'm working on a special project with OVFF, along with all the other stuff. I do not need this.

How's your computer behaving lately?
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One of the best cons I go to. All kindsa friends, silly times, great music, gaming, computing, hot wenches, what's not to love?

My schedule as I know it right now:
  • Friday 6:30 -- concert w/Frank Hayes (leading into Opening Ceremonies)
  • Friday 9:00 -- Bring On Da Noise, Bring On The FuMP (me, Rob Balder, Luke Ski, Shoebox, and likely a song or two by Alchav to hype his set)
  • Saturday 12:00 -- my solo set
I think most of these are in Ballroom C, but always check your pocket program.

So. Who's gonna be there, or is there already?

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