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Sadness. Actor Richard Griffiths, best known to our part of the universe for playing the execreble Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films, has passed away at the age of 65. He had a long and distinguished (as in Tony- and other-award-winning) career on state, screen, radio, and television, and was even up for the part of The Doctor a couple of times.

Rarely has someone become so beloved for portraying such a rotter. Rest well, sir, and thanks.
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Goodness me, how could I almost forget that!? If Harry actually existed, he'd be 32 today.

What are your favorite Potter fanfics or videos? Be not shy -- the shipping wars have no place here today. If you link to something that's Not Safe For Work, though, it would be good, so parents can keep an eye on their kids' browsing (or the kids can note something for when they're older).

My fanfic this time around is the grim, nasty Brutal Harry by LordsFire. This AU is not a story for kids, and very well might have some triggery abuse things, but it's very well done and utterly engrossing. Fair warning: The last chapter is very violent.

On the video side, something much lighter, by my fellow FuMPers Steve Goodie and Nuclear Bubble Wrap:

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Oh, you're gonna hate me for this one. Kinda-sorta-Harry/Hermione, although very very slow-moving. At this point, really not relevant. Very much out-of-character Harry, Draco, Quirrell, and more. Oh, and it's a Work-In-Progress.

The author's handle is Less Wrong, and the story is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Very simple premise, really: Petunia didn't marry Vernon Dursley; she married a university professor. They adopted Harry, and the lad has been heavily trained in science and rational thinking.

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Harry.

The author has an entire wiki devoted to Rationality ([personal profile] catalana, [personal profile] scifantasy, [profile] admnaismith, help me out here). The story has generated lots of fan art (and some fan fiction, at the same page). And it has some of the best lines and most charming scenes and loudest laughs and and and.

It is not necessarily the best fanfic I've ever read -- I think that's still Magic Never Dies by Lynney -- but it's absolutely in the top five. Seriously, the first chapter's short -- give it a try. There is nothing else like it.

Any great fan stuff you want to share? Art, music, fic, link 'em up.
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Tomorrow marks the release of two genre biggies: the final movie in the Harry Potter series on DVD and Blu-Ray, and the newest game in Bethesda's celebrated Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. I'll pick up the movie later, but -- even t hough I will not be able to so much as install it before I get back from WindyCon -- I will have my copy of Skyrim tomorrow. Oh, yes, I will.

(The really nice thing is, I found a Best Buy gift card I hadn't turned in yet. Yay, massive instant discount!)

I am still so damn sore on my left side; the flexeril doesn't seem to be doing much, although I did sleep well last night. We'll see how it goes. But I should be good to drive out and sing, so that's the plan.

Oh, and, we finally got our first taste of snow out here. Not much, but definitely snow.

What's your weekend look like?
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If you haven't seen this yet, enjoy. See if you can identify everyone.

And, hell yes, I would do Bella.
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We're going to see the 9:45 IMAX 3D show this morning. And then it will be done.

Among the theses:
  • overall success as a story
  • success as an adaptation
  • differences between book and movie and are those differences an improvement
  • do they do anything to make Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione seem plausible let alone reasonable
  • how much of the exposition in The Final Battle do they keep
  • do you buy the film version of the Epilogue
  • Do Fred, Colin, Remus and Tonks get onscreen decent deaths or the offscreen bullshit deaths of the book
  • whatever else you can think of.
Expecto Patronum!

ETA: Okay then.... )


Jul. 9th, 2011 07:43 pm
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I think I forgot to link to this the other day: the entire plot of the Harry Potter series on a poster.


Jun. 17th, 2011 07:46 am
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JKR has a new web site. Any speculations? Mine is that she realized at least two books too late that she had more stories to tell. Sigh.
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A lot of obvious changes. I like the fact that the dragon is albino -- it's been living in the caverns of Gringotts for Ragnok knows how long. And I love Snape's cape-swirl vanish. As for the rest, we'll see.

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First, there was the first episode of the George R. R. Martin adaptation last night on HBO. Second, there's the advance clip from Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Thoughts? )
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Going to see it this morning. Talk amongst yourselves.

ETA: Meh. A very good, very pretty film version of a book I don't like. I don't even have to get into the shipping wars to say I was confused and bored for about a third the movie, and the pieces of that third were scattered throughout. The kids are even better actors, and they did what they could with the script, and it ended on a great dramatic note; but I felt as if they were re-starting scenes over and over again, with different postcards behind them.

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Sorry I didn't get to it yesterday, RLS. But! We've got some signal boosts:Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!

ETA: Fixed to link up to Nuclear Bubble Wrap. Thanks, Luke!
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That's the name of the new album from our friend and fellow FuMPer Steve Goodie. It's a kids album with nineteen songs, twelve of which are about Harry Potter, and if you pre-order it by this weekend you can get it, either as a physical CD or a download, for only five bucks. To whet your appetite, here's Steve's authorized parody of Weird Al's "Hardware Store":
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In almost any format you could want.

I'm thinking it's gonna be a good looking movie of a bad book. A hell of a thrill ride, and just not very thick as far as character goes. Several important scenes from the book in this trailer, and all they did was remind me of how much I didn't like those scenes.


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