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I was just reminded on Facebook how very cool this video is, and it seemed a good time to share.

Any fun Muppet videos you want to link to?
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So many things we celebrate on Geek Pride Day!

First, of course, it's the Glorious 25th of May, for all you Discworld fans.

It's also the 36th anniversary of the release of the original, non-Episode IV Star Wars. We weren't completely unprepared -- technically, Jaws was the first "blockbuster" -- but, besides being the coolest thing most of us had ever seen up to that point, Star Wars was absolutely transformative in how films were both created and marketed. Along with Star Trek, it can be considered one of the foundations of modern mythology.

And, celebrating another of those foundations, it's Towel Day, celebrating the life and writings of author Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Here's hoping that, someday, we'll all have a proper edition of that mind-bogglingly useful book.

And, on top of all that, it's the birthday of such geek legends as Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803), Sir Ian McKellen (1939), Frank Oz (1944), Barry Windsor-Smith (1949), and Stan Sakai (1953).

How are you celebrating Geek Pride Day? I'm at Up In The Aether Con in Dearborn, MI, where the place has already been going crazy since yesterday morning. Wonderful folks, superb cosplay, Victorian mad science, gorgeous women in corsets, fun fun fun.
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Great sadness. Jane Henson, widow of Jim Henson, has passed away at the age of 78. She helped Jim create the Muppets. What more need be said?

Rest well, Ms. Henson, and thanks.
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Great sadness. Muppeteer Jerry Nelson has passed away at the age of 78.

Mr. Nelson did so many characters we love -- Gobo Fraggle, Dr. Strangepork, Lew Zealand, Marjory the Trash Heap, Mr. Snuffaluffagus, Sherlock Hemlock, The Amazing Mumford.... The news reports all say his most famous character was The Count, but I'd vote for Kermit's nephew Robin.

Condolences, hugs, and gentle songs to his family, friends, and the entire Muppet team. Rest well, sir, and thank you.
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Vonda N. McIntyre, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Cookie Monster. (The first two links are at the site of our most excellent friends, Book View Cafe. You should check them out anyway.)
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Bleeding Cool informs us that Eddie Murphy has dropped out. Brett Ratner put his foot in his mouth. And Brian Grazer is now in charge.

And suddenly the 'net is all a-Twitter about the dream, ever so slowly inching towards a possibility, that The Muppets might host this year's Oscar Awards show.

I am frickin on that train. Care to join me?
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If you haven't seen this one yet, it should put a smile on your face.


Sep. 23rd, 2011 07:55 am
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The forty-second season of Sesame Street begins Monday, and I'm fairly sure no one reading this could imagine life without it. To start the day right, have a Muppet spoof of Glee:

How cool it must be for those kids to have Muppet replicas of themselves. Of course, you can do the same. :)
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I thought the audio was only, erm, OK... and then I saw this.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 09:11 am
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My god, we did it.

There was a bit of a snafu in the One-Shots, but we managed to make everything work and not get too far off schedule. Then Judi Miller had her GOH concert, with Doug and Juliana (together they are We're Not Koi) and a few other guest stars whom she could sign along with, such as Gary Ehrlich, Roberta Rogow, Gary McGath, and... me. I did "Operation: Desert Storm".

Then came the Song Cycles concert thingie. We were already running late, so I sat out, and gave all the time to Ben Newman, Sassafrass, and Ariel Sobii [sp?]. The songs were all really good, and Ariel had a particularly good voice, Tracy Chapmanesque.

Then came my set. Judi and I kicked out the walls, I thought. I bobbled a few words here and there, but for the most part everything went very smoothly and very funny (except "Dervish", of course) and I closed with "The Here And Now", which went over pretty darn well.

Cync showed up, which is always wonderful. I decided to hang out for the last-second 6:15 rehearsal. Which went well. And then I went back to the room for a brief nap during the Interfilk Auction. Got back just in time to hear the last two songs by Pavlov's Duck -- excellent harmonies, dramatic stuff.

And then we got up on stage.

And we got costumes and props and cue cards together.

And then it was time to play the music, it was time to light the lights.

And by FSM we got away with it. Radio read/"in concert" with accoutrements. A whole lotta silly. Some dreadful puns, including at least two I'd forgotten but there they were on the paper. And, somehow, we made it all work, and the audience laughed, and we all sang, and it was exceedingly notso, and everybody was really good but special shouts out to Paul Estin as Miss Piggy -- dead on perfect -- and the guy playing Gonzo and the one playing Sam (I'll get their names later) and Piggy and guest star Judi Miller had yarn wigs on their head and Gary McGath as Rolph had this big floppy brown thing which could've come off the floor of my van and it was all a hoot.

After, I lounged around, talking with Mark and with Bob Rodriguez and I don't remember the name of the British fellow with the huge, amazing singing voice, and in the background Mike Stein was playing his cello, which I hadn't heard him do in so long, and it was just so damn pleasant. And about 11:30, a filk started up, and I sat back for about a half-hour, then got up (have to be careful, I did something behind my right knee then, likely just a small strain but I'm not happy with it) and moved to the circle, and we were all singing and storytelling and being silly and dramatic and harmonizing and backing each other up and just having a blast. One of the nicest open filks I've been to in awhile.

About 1:30-ish, I started to crash hard, so I said good nights and went back to the room. Janny helped me with stuff, and then we talked for about a half-hour, and she went off to bed, and I finally came down from everything about 3:45, and got up about 7:30.

I have a busy day -- Joe Bethancourt benefit concert, songwriting judging, and I want to see Ben Newman's musical -- and I will need more sleep later. But this has been a very, very fun con, and it ain't over yet.

How's by you?
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No parodies of other movies, no deliberately misleading intros. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the first full trailer for The Muppets:

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