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I'm showing you this:

so I can show you this:
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Forty-two hours to go. Holy crap, we just might make it.

ETA: Holy frijoles. Somethin' just happened -- in the past hour, they've gone up over $10,000, to a current total of $95,938. I think we're gonna do it!
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Any other crowdfunding we need to know about?
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Damn, damn, damn.

Great sadness -- one of the funniest men alive has passed. Comic actor Jonathan Winters has passed away at the age of 87.

If you don't know of Winters and his work, I'm not sure where to start. Comedy movies, variety shows, dramatic roles... but he was best known for his stand-up, and especially his improv. The only performer I can think of who came close to him is Tim Conway. Robin Williams and Jim Carrey were inspired to comedy by Winters, and you can see it in almost everything they do. (My idle fantasy of the ultimate Whose Line Is It Anyway? pay-per-view with Winters, Conway, Williams, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Mike McShane is now ashes. Sigh.) Winters hammered out funny lines, odd voices, and various sound effects faster than anybody. He was a hero of mine, and I hope a little of that shows in my stage work.

For longer than many of us have been alive, Jonathan Winters made us laugh. That's a pretty damn good legacy.

Rest well, sir, and thanks.

Who Knew?

Aug. 28th, 2012 07:40 am
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Normally insufferable NYT conservative columnist David Brooks has a genuine future in comedy.

Seriously, this is laugh-out-loud funny, and it's meant to be.
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Great sadness. Comedienne Phyllis Diller has passed away at the age of 95.

A force of nature with a cigarette holder and a mad cackling laugh, Ms. Diller was a mainstay of variety television, quite a good actress, and most of all outrageous. You know how Don Rickles mocks everybody in his vicinity? Diller mocked herself (and "her husband Fang") with the same energy and snark.

And, to a lot of us who grew up in the 60s, she was best known for being in Mad Monster Party.

For more than sixty years, Phyllis Diller made us laugh. Thank you, Ms. Diller, and rest well.
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This very weekend -- right this moment, in fact. There's a fair amount of comedy music going on, including some by me:
  • Thursday:
    • 7 pm - The Damsels Of Dorkington: "Le Dorke d'Arthur: The Humpening"
      $4 ticket ENT1229381 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      The Damsels give the Bard a break and set their sights on some of the
      most recognizable figures in literature, none other than King Arthur
      and his Kingdom of Camelot.
    • 8 pm - Marc Gunn: Firefly Drinking Songs
      $2 ticket ENT1232212 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Are you a Browncoat? Do you love Joss Whedon's Firefly? Sing-along
      with Gunn as he presents songs from his popular CD Firefly Drinking
  • Friday:
    • 6 pm - Soup Or Villianz
      $0 ticket ENT1238762 - Westin Grand Ballroom II & III
      A nerdcore hip-hop group from Scrub Club Records, Soup Or Villainz are
      here to control the minds of the youth with mindless music.
    • 7 pm - The Damsels Of Dorkington: "Damsels at Dusk" panel
      $0 ticket ENT1229383 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Attend an evening panel with 100% disclosure in which we swear to
      honestly answer any question you ask. We may even have a guest
      moderator, just crack the whip and force us to give up the secrets.
      Moderated by the great Luke Ski!
    • 9 pm - FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE!
      $2 ticket ENT1232317 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      "Friday Night Live" is a comedy & music concert featuring many of
      GenCon's favorite regular entertainers! Come catch some funny fannish
      tunes by the great Luke Ski, the Damsels of Dorkington, Marc Gunn, Tom
      Smith, Mikey Mason, & Dan the Bard!
  • Saturday:
    • 2 pm - Mikey Mason
      $2 ticket ENT1230766 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Mikey Mason, geek rock comedian ("She Don't Like Firefly," "Best Game
      Ever") performs his unique brand of original musical geek comedy.
    • 4 pm - 27th Annual GenCon Costume Contest!
      $0 ticket ENT1229999 - Indianapolis Convention Center 500 Ballroom
      The Costume Contest is where the best and most creative costumes will
      be on display for all to see and enjoy. You don’t want to miss it!
      Judging time entertainment by the great Luke Ski!
    • 5:30 pm - Sci-Fried
      $4 ticket ENT1238738 - Westin Grand Ballroom II & III
      Sci-Fried is a 6 Piece rock band from Florida that writes and perform
      original songs about video games, comic books, zombies, Star Wars and
      RPG's. We will be performing our new album "CO-OP MODE"
    • 7 pm - The Damsels Of Dorkington: "Comic Book Comedy"
      $4 ticket ENT1229382 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Party up and accompany the Damsels of Dorkington for another adventure
      into the depths of Improvisation-land, in celebration of all things
      Geek, Dork and Nerd.
    • 8 pm - Marc Gunn: Sci-Fi Drinking Songs
      $2 ticket ENT1232214 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek. Join Marc Gunn for an evening
      of raucous fun drinking songs from long, long ago, in a convention
      near you!
    • 9 pm - the great Luke Ski
      $2 ticket ENT1232218 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      Back for his 18th year, "the great Luke Ski" will be performing his
      nerdy comedy music, latest parody hits, and original fan favorites on
      the topics of TV, movies, pop-culture, and stuff geeks love!
    • 10 pm - Tom Smith
      $2 ticket ENT1233888 - Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom
      A fantastic night of comedy music finishes with The World's Fastest
      Filker, bringing gaming, computers, movies, dark fantasy, silly
      Cthulhu stuff, and a bloody awful lot of puns.

    You can find many of these acts in the Entertainer's Spotlight area of
    the Exhibit Hall Dealer Room. It's located in the back of the room
    behind the Art Show, next to the Media Guest of Honor area. Please
    come visit us, and pick up some of our CDs and other merch!
So, who is gonna be there (or is there already)?
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By far the best joke is the one pulled by Google: If you check out any Google Map, in the upper right corner you'll see a button marked "Quest". This turns your world into an 8-bit adventure game, even on the Street View. Go try it.

Any good online jokes we should check out? Political campaign statements don't count.
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A little crazy here, so I apologize: I forgot to mention that the first annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards For Excellence In Comedy Music were handed out at Con On The Cob in Akron, OH last weekend. Congratulations to Steve Goodie and Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Worm Quartet, the Moneyshot Cosmonauts, and all the other nominees!
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Amazing little story 'bout Professor Irwin Corey. If you are too young to remember him, you might like this little clip:

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Probably not what you think. And if you let it keep playing, you'll see a Ralph Macchio bio-pic.
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Get this one before it's gone.

(If you can't see the embed, click here.)
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In the dictionary, under "zany", there should be a picture of Charlie Callas, a fine impressionist, a very good actor,, a human sound effects machine, and one of the zaniest comedians ever. Unforgettable, very, very funny. Sadness, as Mr. Callas has passed away at the age of either 83 or 86, depending on which source you go by. If you never saw him in action, here's just a taste:
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On this date in 1935. You can pick up all kindsa goodies at his official web site, and if you haven't heard his stuff before, oh my goodness are you in for a treat. (Link is a Google search for "p.d.q. bach" videos.)

What are your favorite Schickele or P.D.Q. Bach pieces? I love his arrangement of "Pomp and Circumstance" for Disney's Fantasia 2000, The Seasonings, Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice, The Art of the Ground Round, New Horizons In Music Appreciation....
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Just to make the evening a bit more giggly and surreal, we have Elmo singing with the Goo Goo Dolls, Alice Cooper in a Staples commercial, and a new fan video I just found of "Seven Drunken Nights In Space". Oh, and "Summer Nights" from Grease, in Lego.

Got anything happy and silly to share with us?

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