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Feb. 2nd, 2014 09:58 am
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There is, apparently, some sporting event or other today. I suspect it has something to do with Tom Riddle, as the organizers get very touchy when someone tries to actually use the name of the thing. Fortunately, a simple slide of one letter to the left produces Superb Owl, a much more glorious thing to celebrate.

What are your plans for this year's commercial-laden testosterone fest? I'm going to get a pizza this afternoon, work on music, play too much Marvel Puzzle Quest, and wait for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier teaser, for which there was a teaser the other day:

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Today's KS signal boost is a very cool tabletop-miniature accessory. Folding buildings, easily stored and transported, and strong enough to handle all the minis you want to put on top of 'em. Your very own siege display! Check it out at the Kickstarter page for Tabletop Castles.
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A little extra love and attention for:Any other cool projects we should know about?
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Our friend [personal profile] bayushisan has a new gaming and media blog, and if you like his comments here and his articles at dKos, I think you will find it quite good. Always thoughtful, and usually finding an angle others do not.

Any other blogs, FB pages, Tumblrs, Twitters, Pinterest pages, etc., we should check out?
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The current Humble Bundle is a jaw-droppingly cool collection of eBooks by such luminaries as Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean, Cory Doctorow, Randall Munroe, and Wil Wheaton. The deluxe edition of The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold....

The Humble Weekly Sale that just started is also superb: There's a famous series of old, old, old-school RPGs set in a world called Avernum. They're not awfully expensive, but pricey enough that, in these days of damn near cinematic experiences, they may not seem very enticing. Well, now you can get them STUPID CHEAP. Literally, right now the average to get all of 'em and unlock the two extra games is $3.93. So, kick in four bucks, get EIGHT adventure games for PC, Mac, or Linux.

Any other cool online deals we should know about (besides, of course, the current 5th anniversary sale at the Apple App Store, Giveaway Of The Day, and Kindle Buffet)?
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I am astonished that I still have the badge for my first Origins Game Fair, held on the north campus of the University of Michigan in 1978. That's where I first encountered RuneQuest; that's where I started making friendships that have lasted to this day.

Origins is going on right now down at the MarCon hotel in Columbus, OH, but if you can't be there you can still take advantage of Free RPG Day. New adventures, accessories, quickstart systems! If you've never been in a role-playing game, or it's been a very long time for you, you might want to take a few minutes, find your local game store, and go make some lifelong friends in the pursuit of one of the most dazzling and rewarding hobbies there is.

What are your favorite pen-and-paper RPG rules? Mine, no question, are RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, and Tunnels & Trolls. With a bonus nod towards Chivalry & Sorcery and Bushido. (Yeah, I'm old-school. What?)
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  • TUG, a really fascinating RPG experiment. Seriously, watch the six-minute video on this one and see what you think.
  • Lawless Jerky, small-batch hand-crafted beef jerky with some great-sounding flavors. I'm going for the Hawaiian Teriyaki. Or the American BBQ. Or maybe the Bacon, Salt & Pepper. Only a few hours left on this one.
  • Adventure Maximus, an RPG that both kids and adults can play... and run!
  • Gigabot 3D Printing, wherein you can get your own 3D printer for something near reasonable cost. Another one ending soon.
  • Creating a RepRap 3D printer, so a guy with no prior experience in 3D printing can prove it's not that big or expensive a deal to make your own (and then he'll print you something with it). Ending in just two days.
Any other crowdfunding we should know about?
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Any other crowdfunding we need to know about?
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Can't help it. It's by a guy in town, and it looks amazingly simple and fun, and if you don't want to pay for the full production game we could still push him way over the top just on getting the $4 print-and-play. Won't you help?

Any Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe projects that we should know about?
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Along with a bunch of other stragegy games, all at GOG.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Glorantha is the game world of RuneQuest, my tabletop RPG of choice since it came out in 1978. Exotic and alien, yet oh-so-familiar, Glorantha is a world where magic is not only real but everywhere, where the gods interact with their worshippers and the world all the time, and where the struggle against Chaos never ends. (For much more information, check out the Glorantha Wiki.)

Any other cool games, new or old, we should be aware of? My other choice right now would be for those of you with a recent-model iOS device: Into the Dead. An endless runner, free to download and with lots of stuff to unlock (as the kids say these days, "freemium"). Basically, your copter has crashed and you're fleeing headlong through the zombie hordes. Fun, crazy, and actually scary.
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Sadness. Actor Robin Sachs has passed away at the age of 61.

Mr. Sachs had a long and distinguished career (Hammer films and Dynasty: The Reunion notwithstanding), but we know him from a whole bunch of genre work -- the evil General Sarris in Galaxy Quest, Na'Tok and a few other roles in Babylon 5, Giles' nemesis Ethan Rayne in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, voices in everything from Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 & 3 to Spongebob Squarepants....

Rest well, sir, and thanks.
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If all you gaming geeks and art collectors want a bad-ass hardcover collection of the art of Larry Elmore, you have less than three hours to kick in. Stretch goals have already expanded the package quite a lot (the basic $49 Fan Package now includes the 336-page hardcover book [up from the original 256], a 64-page softcover sketchbook, six 8x10" prints of Larry's D&D and Dragonlance box covers, and a ticket for a motorcycle ride with him down in Kentucky), so it's a hell of a deal.


Nov. 9th, 2012 09:47 am
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Oh yeah. Seanan, Amy, Evil Stevie, and the whole Chicago gang. I still have forty million things to do; I'll try to finish at least eighteen of 'em this afternoon. I have a concert Saturday afternoon, a set at the Masquerade, and I'm running Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Sunday.

Les and I will be there today -- who else?

Fan Films!

Nov. 5th, 2012 10:47 am
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I love fan films. All are done with love, and some are easily professional quality. Here are some cool ones to start your week:Your favorites not listed here? Er, ah, Link 'em up.

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