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AVAST, ye scuppers! It's been awhile since we've done anything nautical around these parts, and I've been wantin' ta tell ya's of a new book by a swab name o' Eric Geary.

Free Pirates For Hire: Setting Sail is the tale of a fair young maiden, Dawnya, who happens t'be the grand niece of the former Infamous Pirate Derith. He leaves her his piratical legacy, including the good ship Sea Dryad.

Now this is the kinda Young Adult fic I can get behind. It's a crackin' read -- ye can try a sample here -- and ye can buy it in pretty much any format, including an actual book, from a variety o' semi-reputable online purveyors o' stuff.

NOW THEN, ye lubbers -- anything ye needs to boost the signal on fer your own selves? ARRR!
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Voice cast from hell: Hugh Grant, Brendan Gleeson, Martin Freeman, Salma Hayek, David Tennant....


Sep. 19th, 2011 11:44 am
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Ahoy, mateys! Once again it be that grandest time o' the year, Hermione Granger's birthday! No, wait, it's TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! And ye've gotta check out the official TLAPD site ta see the video of the first worldwide "Drunken Sailor" singalong, including yers truly an' a bunch of noisy lubbers at Dragon*Con!

On top o' that, I finally uploaded this:

Any other piratical ditties ye wants ta share with us? Link 'em up, mateys!
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Whoo-hoo! Captain America looks GREAT! (How great? This great!)


Sep. 19th, 2010 11:14 am
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It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! What be ye doin' ta celebrate? I be doin' a concert at noon local time, and it'll have several piratical ditties.
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  • This weekend is FenCon in north Dallas, TX. I'm on the schedule for a panel at Friday noon. Sorry, but I will not be at that panel -- I'll still be on the road (it's a long haul). I should make my 5:00 p.m., and my concerts are Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday at noon. On the other hand, Jeff and Maya Bonhoff, Marc Gunn, Margaret Middleton, the Bedlam Bards, and various others should keep you entertained in the meantime. ;)
  • Matt Duhan from Gozer Games has a new game he's trying to get crowdfunded: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Fairies. Art by Phil Foglio and R. K. Milholland. (He's also whipping up a promo video for his previous epic, Zombie Ninja Pirates, and he's specifically using "Trans Poly U Fight Song" and "Pirate Ninjas From Dino Island" for that one, so I'll let you know when it's released into the wild.)
  • [personal profile] seanan_mcguire is still accepting pre-orders for her new album Wicked Girls.
  • DJ Boffles has a show on New Eden Radio (for all your EVE Online internet radio needs). This Sunday at 16:00 GMT (noon EDT, methinks), they'll be broadcasting a special Talk Like A Pirate Day edition, and I know for a fact they'll play my song because they e-mailed and asked if they could.
  • ARRR! Sunday be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! My set list for the Sunday noon concert suddenly be all too clear, ARRR!
  • In case ye forgot (I didn't), the movie version of The Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline, Rex Smith, Angela Lansbury and Linda Ronstadt is on DVD at last!
Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!
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The one big thing I have today is DemiCon, this weekend in Des Moines, IA. Piratical theme this year. Should be a lot of fun -- [personal profile] ericcoleman and [profile] toyboatband, [profile] lukeski, Beth Kinderman, Janny Wurtz (which means Artist GOH Don Maitz), and, oh yeah, me. :) More details tomorrow.

Ready... set... Pimp Your Stuff!


Sep. 19th, 2009 08:32 am
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Ahoy, mateys! It be that finest time o' th' year, International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I expect ye's all ta be on yer best behavYARRRRR! I be at FenCon in Dallas, TX, where I've got me concert at 1:00 today an' a panel called "Science Fiction: Fact Or Crap?" at 1:00 tomorrow.

How be ye celebratin' the day? (An' don't ferget, we've got yer theme music right here.)
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Peter Jurasik hugged me.

So did Lois Bujold.

Peter David remembered me fifteen years after I'd met him.

William Shatner complimented me as he walked by.

Don Maitz thanked me for the pirate songs I've written.

Lots of people said my fifteen minutes at the Awards Banquet were the highlight of the evening.

Even the waitstaff enjoyed it, and told me so.

And, in the middle of my later concert (which was disjointed 'cause I was on an adrenalin high but still way fun), [profile] devospice informed us that The FuMP had just won the PARSEC award for Best Speculative Fiction Music podcast.

Reeeeeeeeeal good night.
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Who? Guybrush, Elaine, and LeChuck, of course. In Tales of Monkey Island. The first chapter, "Launch of the Screaming Narwal", is available now. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here or here, and then go here.)


Feb. 20th, 2009 08:21 am
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I also just love, "Um -- he's a really bad cat." And I think I'm already in love with Zola.
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[ profile] jasperjones22 alerts us to a new government-funded British children's book with, shall we say, slightly altered lyrics:
What shall we do with the grumpy pirate?
What shall we do with the grumpy pirate?
What shall we do with the grumpy pirate?
Early in the morning

Hooray and up she rises
Hooray and up she rises
Hooray and up she rises
Early in the morning

Do a little jig and make him smile
Do a little jig and make him smile
Do a little jig and make him smile
Early in the morning
They've also got rid of the verses regarding the rusty razor, the Captain's daughter, etc.

I was nearly as bemused by the recent controversies I hadn't heard about:
There were complaints in 2006 about pre-school children attending two nurseries in Oxfordshire being taught "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep".

Last year, a story based on the Three Little Pigs fairy tale was turned down by a government agency's awards panel as the subject matter could offend Muslims.

A digital book, re-telling the classic story, was rejected by judges who warned that "the use of pigs raises cultural issues".

However, a study in 2004 showed that nursery rhymes exposed children to far more violent incidents than an average evening watching television - including Humpty Dumpty's serious head injury.
I don't even know what to say to that.
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A few cool musical acts I thought you might not have heard of:
  • Tom Smith -- no, not me, one of my namesakes, who's got a kid's album you can download for a donation to Tunefoolery
  • Off Kilter, the nutso Celtic rock band whose permanent home is the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. These guys might possibly be wilder than Great Big Sea -- you ain't lived until you've heard BTO's "Takin' Care O' Business" rocked out on a bagpipe
  • Rusty Cutlass -- that's "rusty" with an ARRR
Any new stuff we need to hear about?
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It's been a lovely time, simply lovely. Lots of friends, lots of hugs. The Westin Lombard, or Yorktown, or Enterprise, or Destroyer, or whatever is a big, new, gorgeous hotel with a very nice staff. The biggest problem is that the building's kinda long, which caused a scheduling snafu.

My two sets yesterday went pretty well, I thought, especially vocally (a little problem with some of the guitar work, but I've got all winter to get back into shape for the hardest songs), and excellent audiences for both. Unfortunately, I could not sing "Hellraiser" with [ profile] toyboatband, as their set (at one end of the hotel) was up against the masquerade (at the other end of the hotel), and I had to sing at halftime. However, we are planning for it at Duckon, and I can ask [ profile] janmagic to help out with the scheduling on that. :)

There were also two fun things at the masquerade: A lady had a costume inspired by "Destroyer of Worlds"; and, when I was undecided as to whether to sing "307 Ale" or "Talk Like A Pirate Day" (I ended up doing both), [ profile] bedlamhouse yelled out, "307 Grog"! So I should have that written in a day or two.

I didn't go to the open filk either night because I was pooped, but I understand Toyboat held forth nicely on Friday. If I get to Cap (which I'd like to), I'll do more at the filk. Next Windy, I damn sure will. ;)

How's your con, or non-con weekend?


Sep. 19th, 2008 07:35 am
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It be that magical time again, International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye can, o'course, download the song if'n ye ain't already got it. (An' there ARRR a few other piratical ditties on the Free Stuff page, not to mention the YouTube video of me an' the Pirate Guys [and even a fan video].)

But more! If ye didn't catch it last night, I've got a new piratical song, somethin' fer the ladies. Heh heh heh.

What kinda linkage have ye got to make the day more piratical?

Sign Me Up

Sep. 7th, 2008 10:21 am
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I just got a spam message from "TEAT RUM".

I am now a drinking man.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is in twelve days. What should we do to celebrate? Yes, yes, obviously, talk like pirates. But what else? Should I write a song, do a live Second Life show, what?

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