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Got any others that are cool like that? (Good starting point: go to the YouTube page for the vid and check out the column to the right.)
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People forget there's another bridge in the San Francisco Bay area. For the past two years, artist Leo Villereal has been creating an art project that will run for the next two years:

And, yes, he's technically turned the Bay Bridge into a simulated lava lamp.

But a two mile long lava lamp.
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Seriously, take four minutes and go watch this amazing time-lapse video. It's a gorgeous reminder the world is beautiful beyond the telling.
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Our friend Elena (the artist behind the Babylon 5 Jumpgate Pins) has slowed down a bit these days -- she's dealing with breast cancer -- but she's hardly out. Her new page, Astronomy Jewelry, has some lovely stuff at very reasonable prices. If you're looking for some sparklies, you might want to check it out.

Any last-minute signal boosting? I'll have some of my own tomorrow.
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The original version of this was very cool. In any case, the new version is even more very cool.
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This week's Sunday Sweets at Cake Wrecks is amazingly cool.

It's starting to get close to That Time. What candies are you planning to have left over on November Firs- uh, give out on Halloween Night? I'm doing a straight-up mix of Mounds and Hershey's Caramel Kisses.
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Southern Beale shares something incredibly cool. Really, you have to watch this video:

To learn more and to help, go to
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This has apparently been around for a bit, but I hadn't seen it:

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Straight-up gorgeous.

Any good space or nature photos we should see? (And, yes, I've already seen the Jessica Rabbit as Slave Leia.)
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In Vietnam. The pictures are incredible.
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Lots of useful links here.

Fascinating, really -- it's going into the winter solstice itself, and then the days start getting longer. Ahhhhhh, spring, get here fast.
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Startling, way-cool photographs of when Niagara Falls ran dry.

(... Step by step... inch by inch....)
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BoingBoing points us to Bill Mudron.

Of course, if you have a link to some similarly fantastic art, we can compare. ;)

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